Spanish investigators have disclosed that there was no fire on board the British Airways Airbus A321 evacuated at Valencia after an emergency landing with thick haze in its passenger cabin.

But the investigation authority CIAIAC says that, upon examination, the right-hand International Aero Engines V2500 powerplant was found to have "lost all its oil".

The engine was subsequently removed from the aircraft and transferred to the manufacturer's facilities for an in-depth inspection.

None of the 175 passengers and eight crew members was injured during the 5 August incident, but the aircraft sustained minor damage during the evacuation.

Video images circulated on social media purporting to show the cabin during the incident indicate visibility was obscured by a white haze or mist. While the source and nature of the haze has yet to be confirmed, passengers appear not to be exhibiting evidence of difficulty breathing as might be the case with smoke.

CIAIAC says the aircraft (G-MEDN) landed on Valencia's runway 12 at 18:45 and stopped on an exit taxiway before the crew ordered the evacuation.