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  • 737 Max Leap-1B

    737 Max engine software revised to address icing thrust loss


    Boeing 737 Max operators are to be instructed to update engine-control software to address a loss of thrust issue, attributed to icing, on the type’s CFM International Leap-1B powerplants. At least two occurrences have been investigated which Leap-1Bs suffered temporary loss of thrust control as a result of icing ...

  • 737 Max

    Boeing plans to restart 737 production ‘months’ before midyear: CEO


    Boeing intends to restart 737 Max production several months before midyear and ahead of the Max’s return to service, meaning production could start humming again within three months, Boeing chief executive David Calhoun says on 22 January.

  • nma-ga

    Boeing to take another ‘clean sheet’ to NMA with focus on pilots


    Boeing is taking a fresh look at the design of its so-called New Mid-market Airplane due to changes in the global aviation market and heightened focus on pilot-aircraft interactions.

  • UIA 737 crash in Iran

    Flight Safety Foundation considers calling for regional accident investigation bureaus


    The Flight Safety Foundation thinks that creating new, regionally based aircraft crash investigation teams could help bring impartiality and expertise to crash probes that might otherwise be hamstrung by politics, bias and technical inexperience.

  • Air France A319

    Fuel indicator flaw led to A319’s single-engine landing


    French investigators have disclosed that an Air France Airbus A319 was forced to make a single-engine landing at Paris Charles de Gaulle after an undetected indicator fault resulted in partial fuel exhaustion. Investigation authority BEA – which analysed the 12 March 2014 event – says pilots operating a series ...

  • BA A350-1000

    British Airways checks newest A350-1000 after Tel Aviv hard landing


    British Airways is expecting to put a four-week old Airbus A350-1000 back into service on 23 January, after precautionary checks following a hard landing at Tel Aviv. The aircraft (G-XWBD) had registered the abnormal landing as the aircraft touched down on runway 12 at about 05:30 on 20 January, ...

  • Bek Air F100

    Bek Air defends operations after regulator’s safety accusations


    Grounded Kazakh operator Bek Air is continuing to defend its operations and practices after being slated by the country’s regulator in the aftermath of the fatal Fokker 100 accident at Almaty. Bek Air is accusing Kazakhstan’s aviation administration of proving “strained and biased” remarks about the airline’s procedures and ...

  • 737 Max line - Boeing

    Boeing now expects mid-year certification of 737 Max


    The FAA says it has set no timeframe for when the certification work will be finished.

  • TK1951 crash

    Dutch reject notion of US pressure during Turkish 737 crash probe


    Investigators from the Netherlands have defended their inquiry into a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 crash near Amsterdam, after suggestions that the final report into the accident was watered-down in response to US remarks. The Dutch Safety Board, in its response, has published in full a human-factors analysis which contributed ...

  • 737 damage-1

    Two anti-aircraft missiles fired from north towards UIA 737: inquiry


    Iranian investigators have disclosed that two missiles from a Tor-M1 anti-aircraft system were fired before the loss of a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 shortly after departure from Tehran. The Civil Aviation Organisation states that secondary radar contact with flight PS752 was initially lost at 06:15, about 3min after ...

  • Bek Air Fokker 100

    Administration justifies Bek Air grounding with damning catalogue of flaws


    Kazakhstan’s civil aviation administration has revealed a damning list of flaws in Bek Air’s flight operations and maintenance processes, to justify the carrier’s grounding. One of Bek Air’s Fokker 100s crashed on take-off from Almaty on 27 December, resulting in the enforced suspension of the airline’s operation – a ...

  • 32271873437_d4d2cd0754_o
    In depth

    Has airline safety peaked?


    The shock of a second 737 Max tragedy in the past year has prompted an urgent rethink of certification and training priorities after a long period of improving accident statistics

  • Indonesian regulator found crew of a 737 Max 8 lost in 2018 had not been trained in MCAS operation
    In depth

    Accident reports issued during the second half of 2019


    Final report: Lion Air 737 Max 8, loss of control in flight, 29 October 2018 The Indonesian national transport safety committee (KNKT) found that the aircraft (PK-LQP), during the climb-out from Jakarta international airport on a short domestic flight, crashed when the crew lost control following a technical malfunction. ...

  • WestJet Encore Q400 damage

    WestJet Q400 damaged by sharp de-rotation at Edmonton


    Investigators have determined that a WestJet Encore Bombardier Q400 suffered damage at Edmonton after de-rotating sharply during a high-speed landing. The Q400 – arriving from Fort McMurray on 19 July last year – had been approaching Edmonton’s runway 12 with storms in the vicinity of the airport. Its ...

  • Bek Air F100-2

    Bek Air appeals against suspension as IATA code withdrawn


    IATA has recalled the designator code for Kazakh carrier Bek Air, three weeks after a fatal take-off accident led to an enforced suspension of the carrier’s operations. Bek Air has filed an appeal against the suspension, claiming that the decision is illegal. The airline had been operating under ...

  • Air Algerie 737

    Air Algerie 737 lost altitude during Orly go-around


    French investigators have disclosed that they are probing a substantial loss of altitude by an Air Algerie Boeing 737-800 during a go-around at Paris Orly last month. The aircraft, arriving from Tlemcen in north-western Algeria on 6 December, had been established on the localiser of runway 25. French ...

  • S7 A321neo fire

    Probe opens into S7 A321neo start-up engine fire


    Russian investigators are probing an engine fire involving an Airbus A321neo which occurred as the aircraft was preparing to depart Novosibirsk. The twinjet – fitted with Pratt Whitney PW1100G powerplants – had been operating the S75783 service to the Vietnamese resort of Cam Ranh at about 01:30 ...

  • Thai 777-300ER

    FAA broadens emergency order in wake of 777 engine failure


    Operators of Boeing 777-300ERs are being ordered urgently to remove another batch of interstage seals from General Electric GE90 engines, following an uncontained failure last October. The failure involved a Thai Airways International 777-300ER which had been preparing to depart Bangkok for Zurich. While the US FAA has ...

  • Max grounded in Washington

    New 737 Max software issue arises during certification review


    Boeing has identified a problem with the software on the 737 Max designed to monitor the performance of other systems during aircraft startup, adding another hitch to the Max’s return-to-service.

  • Bek Air crash4

    Fatality-free aviation remains distant dream


    After an encouraging series of airline safety figures recorded around the middle of the last decade, some observers pondered whether the prospect of a fatality-free year could be a realistic short-term ambition for the industry.