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  • trent-1000-c-Max-Kingsley-Jones-FlightGlobal-970

    Trent-powered 787 operators to check for disc fin cracks


    Operators of Rolls-Royce-powered Boeing 787s are set to be instructed to conduct inspections of certain Trent 1000 low-pressure turbine discs, over a possible cracking risk. Assessment of certain discs in service has revealed that rubbing contact with interstage static seals can lead to cracks in the front seal fins ...

  • China Airlines A330-300

    Taiwanese probe A330 computer failure after wet runway landing incident


    Taiwanese regulators are advising Airbus A330 operators to consider the effects of wet runways on aircraft deceleration after a near-overrun incident at Taipei’s Songshan airport. As the aircraft landed on the wet runway and the thrust reversers were activated, says the Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration, the crew “noticed the ...

  • Ethiopian collision Oslo

    Ethiopian 787 hit lighting mast after being sent to wrong de-icing stand


    Norwegian investigators have revealed that a de-icing vehicle driver vainly attempted to stop an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-9 from taxiing onto the wrong de-icing stand, before the jet’s right wing struck and felled a lighting mast at Oslo Gardermoen. The aircraft (ET-AUP), which was preparing for departure to Stockholm ...

  • Astana E190 air force footage

    Control-check ‘routine’ led E190 upset crew to miss reversed ailerons


    Investigators have suggested that familiarity with routine, combined with expectation bias, led the crew of an Embraer 190 to miss clues that the jet’s aileron cables had been cross-rigged during maintenance. The Air Astana aircraft had emerged from maintenance at Portuguese firm OGMA during which the aileron cables were ...

  • Sydney Seaplanes DHC-2

    Carbon monoxide poisoning clue emerges in fatal DHC-2 crash probe


    Australian investigators have urged operators of piston-engined aircraft to carry out inspection and repair of exhaust systems, after finding that the pilot of a crashed De Havilland Canada DHC-2 floatplane had elevated levels of carbon monoxide in his blood. The Sydney Seaplanes aircraft, with six occupants, had departed Cottage ...

  • Boston Logan Airport coronavirus 4

    US government publishes health guidance for airlines and airports


    The US Departments of Transportation, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services have jointly published a report outlining recommendations for public safety as the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

  • De Oliveira

    Governments must pay for virus health measures, say IATA and ACI


    IATA and Airports Council International (ACI) have jointly called for governments to pay for public health measures relating to the spread of communicable diseases.

  • Garuda_Makassar

    Garuda A330 veers off runway during taxi


    A Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-300 suffered a runway excursion while taxiing for take-off at Makassar’s Sultan Hasanuddin airport. The incident occurred at 18:56 local time on 1 July. The aircraft, registered PK-GHD, was returning to Jakarta from Makassar, operating flight GA613. The A330 was doing a 180° turn ...

  • Boeing 737 Max 8

    ​Inspector General slams Boeing for holding back information on 737 Max


    A US government report has found that Boeing purposefully held back information about the automated flight-control system on its re-engineered 737 Max during the aircraft’s certification process, that led to two fatal aircraft crashes that killed 346 people.

  • UA 777 header

    United 777 blade failure followed prolonged gap in P&W inspection training


    US investigators believe prolonged absence of formal training and certification for a fan-blade inspection technique resulted in a flawed blade being returned to service and subsequently fracturing on a United Airlines Boeing 777-200. The fracture in the right-hand Pratt Whitney PW4000 fan blade, during cruise at 36,000ft ...

  • Trent 700 damage

    ATSB commends R-R response to 2017 Trent 700 blade failure


    Rolls-Royce took several safety actions related to the Trent 700 engine following a 2017 fan blade failure suffered by an AirAsia X Airbus A330-300. The failure occurred in engine No. 1 after the aircraft, 9M-XXE (MSN1075), took off from Perth operating flight XAX237 to Kuala Lumpur on 25 June ...

  • PIA 777

    PIA banned from European operations after mounting safety concerns


    Pakistan International Airlines has been blacklisted for a six-month period by European safety regulators, banning it from operating to European Union destinations. The Pakistani flag-carrier has disclosed that the prohibition enters into force on 1 July. It states that it is communicating with the European Union Aviation Safety ...

  • Air Astana E190 KC1388

    Maintenance firm clashes with inquiry over severe E190 loss-of-control incident


    Portuguese maintenance firm OGMA has clashed with accident investigators over conclusions drawn from a serious Embraer 190 incident during which the aircraft departed with cross-rigged aileron cables, almost leading to the loss of the jet. OGMA has strongly objected to several findings from investigation authority GPIAAF, arguing that the ...

  • Jetstar 787

    Jetstar 787 biocide treatment led to dual engine thrust roll-back


    Japanese investigators believe biocide treatment of fuel on a Jetstar Airways Boeing 787-8 led to the aircraft’s losing thrust in both engines during a service to Osaka’s Kansai airport two days later. The aircraft (VH-VKJ) had departed Cairns on 29 March last year. As it descended through 16,100ft ...

  • Ryanair 737

    Serious Ryanair 737 low-approach incident followed procedural confusion


    Confusion and loss of situational awareness during a procedural approach to Bergerac resulted in a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 descending to less than 800ft above ground while still 8nm from the airport’s runway, French investigators have determined. The crew of the aircraft – arriving from London Stansted on 29 January ...

  • UIA 737-2

    Crashed UIA 737 recorders to be examined by French investigators in July


    French investigation authority BEA is to carry out the download and read-out of information from flight recorders retrieved from the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 shot down over Tehran. The work is set to commence on 20 July, following a request from Iranian investigators, states BEA. It will cover repair ...

  • PIA hrader

    PIA A320 crew lowered, then raised, undercarriage before gear-up touchdown


    Investigators have revealed that the crew of a crashed Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 did attempt to lower the landing-gear during their first approach to Karachi, but raised the gear lever again during the descent. The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan confirms that the A320 touched down on Karachi’s ...

  • Swissport ground handling

    Ground-support firm Swissport to axe half of UK handling personnel


    Ground-handling company Swissport has disclosed plans to cut more than 4,000 jobs in the UK, three months after it joined other handlers in urging financial support for the sector. The company says the number of aircraft operating is insufficient to maintain its full complement of staff. “It is ...

  • 737 damage-1

    Shot-down UIA 737 recorders to be sent to France: Iranian ministry


    Iranian authorities appear set to send the flight recorders of the Boeing 737-800 shot down over Tehran to France for download of their data. The issue of reading the data following the event involving the Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752, operating from Tehran to Kiev on 8 January, has ...

  • Learjet N999LJ crash

    Learjet 60 operators told to fit reverser alert 12 years after fatal overrun


    Over a decade since a fatal Bombardier Learjet 60 overrun in South Carolina, operators of the type are being ordered to install a voice-command warning system to alert pilots to thrust-reverser malfunctions. The aircraft, operated by Global Exec Aviation, had been departing for Van Nuys from runway 11 at ...