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  • Pittsburgh landing incident title-c-NTSB

    United 737 Max computer examined after ‘blanking’ precedes wrong-runway landing


    US investigators are examining a United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9’s flight-management computer after an incident in which the system’s displays apparently blanked before the aircraft inadvertently landed on the wrong runway at Pittsburgh. The crew had needed to input a number of amendments into the flight-management computer during the ...

  • TAP A330-900-c-Airbus

    TAP A330neo threw up dust during near-overrun take-off from Angola


    Investigators believe a take-off performance miscalculation at Luanda meant a TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330neo became airborne at the far end of the runway after a late increase in thrust. The A330-900 (CS-TUL), with a take-off weight of 191.3t, was bound for Lisbon on 12 April. Although the twinjet had ...

  • SAS-c-SAS

    SAS warns 'reckless' pilots' strike threatens carrier's survival


    SAS is warning that industrial action by pilots is reckless and threatens the survival of the company, after it failed to avert a strike by cockpit crews. Efforts at mediation had twice deferred a strike notice, pushing it back from 29 June until 4 July. But SAS says the members ...

  • A6-EVK cr Emirates

    Emirates A380 tyre rupture damages left wing fairing


    An Emirates Airbus A380 suffered a tyre rupture during cruise, damaging a “small portion” of the aircraft’s aerodynamic fairing. 

  • UAM integration rules-c-EASA

    EASA spearheads rulemaking for VTOL-capable operations and licensing


    Europe’s air transport safety authority has laid out pioneering proposals for integrating operation of air taxis within cities, using innovative vertical take-off aircraft, with rules complementing those previously drawn up for unmanned aircraft systems. The proposals cover airworthiness and flight-crew licensing, as well as air operations, and the European Union ...

  • Shapps-c-UK government

    UK airport operational issues are ‘primarily for industry to solve’: transport secretary


    UK transport secretary Grant Shapps has unveiled a strategy aimed at tackling the operational problems at the country’s airports, but is resisting pressure to bring in European Union workers to fill staffing gaps. Shapps detailed a 22-point plan on 30 June, aimed at supporting recruitment, delivery of “realistic” schedules, and ...


    African airspace set to benefit from European satellite augmentation system


    Vast regions of Africa and the Indian Ocean are set to benefit from satellite-based landing technology after the European Space Agency reached agreement with African air navigation service Asecna to deploy augmentation systems covering an area of 16.5 million km². Initial operational capabilities for the project – based on the ...

  • Aircraft landing-c-Pascal Meier Unsplash

    Eurocontrol lays out spectrum-efficiency strategies in wake of ‘5G’ concerns


    Pan-European air navigation organisation Eurocontrol has outlined three strategies to improve efficient use of electromagnetic spectrum as it ponders whether increasing spectrum demand from the mobile connectivity sector could affect aviation safety. Eurocontrol has examined the situation following the conflict caused in the USA by roll-out of ‘5G’ technology, potential ...

  • Help vehicle-c-BEA

    Assistance snag preceded reduced-mobility passenger's fall from A350 stairs


    Lack of capacity on a special-assistance vehicle during disembarkation preceded a reduced-mobility passenger’s fall from the staircase attached to an Air France Airbus A350-900 at Paris Charles de Gaulle, investigators have determined. The passenger was hospitalised with a broken arm and head injury after falling from the stairs on 29 ...

  • Croatia Q400 9A-CQA-c-Phillip Capper Creative Commons

    No evidence Croatia Dash 8 damage caused by gunfire


    Bosnian investigators have concluded that damage discovered on a Croatia Airlines De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400, following a service to Sarajevo, was not caused by weapons fire. The aircraft, arriving from Zagreb on 22 June, sustained damage to its fuselage which the Bosnia and Herzegovina prosecutor’s office initially said “might ...

  • ICAO

    US ICAO ambassador Sullenberger to leave post after less than six months: reports


    Chesley Sullenberger, the US ambassador to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), will leave his post on 1 July, less than six months after he took on the role, several media report.

  • ethiopian crash debris c Mulugeta Ayene_AP_Shutter

    Committee urges FAA to improve safety risk assessments


    A US safety committee has recommended that the Federal Aviation Administration improve its process for evaluating safety risks associated with in-service aircraft types. 

  • Sabine Klauke-c-Airbus

    Airbus ‘hydrogen airport’ pact with Linde also features power-to-liquid analysis


    Airbus is aiming to further its exploration of hydrogen infrastructure at airports through a co-operation agreement with energy and engineering firm Linde. The two sides will define and launch pilot projects at a number of airports from early next year, under a memorandum of understanding disclosed during the ILA air ...

  • Red Air 21 June

    Dominican Red Air MD-80 crashes at Miami International airport


    A McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 belonging to Dominican Republic carrier Red Air crashed when making an emergency landing at Miami International airport on 21 June.

  • Air Canada 777-300ER title-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Crew of 777 aborted take-off at high speed after seeing E190 stopping on runway


    Canadian investigators have determined that a Boeing 777-300ER crew rejected take-off at high speed after seeing that a preceding aircraft, an Embraer 190, was still on the runway after conducting its own high-speed abort. False information about the air-ground status of both aircraft, each operated by Air Canada, along with ...

  • EasyJet A320neo-c-Airbus

    EasyJet consolidates flights to claw back operational reliability


    UK budget carrier EasyJet is consolidating flights from various airports, cutting departures in order to counter operational problems caused by staffing and supply-chain issues during post-pandemic ramp-up. It says the industry is suffering personnel shortages, longer aircraft turnaround times, knock-on delays and cancellations. “A very tight labour market for the ...

  • American A321 N114NN incident-c-Eric Salard Creative Commons

    Sharp roll on rotation startled American A321 wing-strike crew


    Use of the rudder is a focus for investigators probing the sharp roll on lift-off by an American Airlines Airbus A321 departing New York JFK, an incident which resulted in the aircraft’s striking a runway distance marker, and the ground, sustaining damage to its left wing-tip and leading edge. Flight-data ...

  • BA A319 G-DBCF incident-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Jolt from runway patch upset BA A319’s inertial reference system


    UK investigators believe an uneven surface repair at Edinburgh airport caused jolting shock to the nose-gear of a departing British Airways Airbus A319, which subsequently suffered inertial reference system drift during its domestic flight to London Heathrow. The irregularity on runway 06 induced a sudden vertical load into the nose-gear, ...

  • Paris Charles de Gaulle-c-Groupe ADP

    Paris airports operator enters joint venture to offer hydrogen transformation services


    Paris airports operator Groupe ADP is to tie up with energy technology firm Air Liquide in a joint venture to support development of hydrogen infrastructure for air transport. The venture – which will be equally-owned by both companies – will provide airports in France and elsewhere with the engineering and ...

  • Swiss-c-Swiss

    Swiss operations resume after crippling air traffic control failure


    Operations within Switzerland have started to resume after the airspace was forced to close, following a technical problem which affected the country’s air navigation service provider Skyguide. Skyguide had stated that it suffered a “technical malfunction” during the early hours of 15 June and the airspace was closed for safety ...