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  • Air France A380-c-Airbus

    Aerodynamic impact of engine damage surprised A380 incident crew


    Such was the extent of damage to an Airbus A380’s engine after an uncontained failure over Greenland that its crew was forced to descend to a much lower cruising altitude than expected. The Air France aircraft, en route to Los Angeles on 30 September 2017, suffered the failure of ...

  • an-26 crash

    Confusion surrounds engine 'failure' before Ukrainian An-26 training crash


    Confusion has emerged as to whether the Ukrainian military Antonov An-26 which crashed near Kharkiv suffered an engine failure before the accident. Ukraine’s defence ministry indicates there was a problem with an engine sensor before the aircraft came down in darkness, at about 20:45 on 25 September. Defence ...

  • Dreamlifter airborne-c-Boeing

    Dreamlifter pilots did not cross-check navigation before wrong-airport landing


    Seven years after the incident, US investigators have disclosed the awkward radio exchange which underlined that a Boeing ‘Dreamlifter’ crew had unintentionally landed at the wrong Wichita airport. Just over a minute after the pilots had landed at Colonel James Jabara airport, the local controller for McConnell air force ...

  • A380 incident close-up-c-BEA

    A380 fan-hub disintegration traced to misunderstood ‘cold dwell’ fatigue


    French investigators have traced the serious engine failure involving an Air France Airbus A380 over Greenland to a phenomenon known as ‘cold dwell’ fatigue, which had caused a failure in a fan hub slot which houses the root of the fan blade. The analysis by investigation authority BEA closes ...

  • 777 photo-c-Boeing

    EASA seeks alternative to FAA’s newly-adopted 777 fuel-tank order


    Europe’s air safety authority is to seek further data to address a centre fuel tank ignition risk perceived by the US FAA on early Boeing 777s, but has opted against adopting the US regulator’s mitigation directive. Several foreign operators, among them British Airways and KLM, had objected to the ...

  • 787-c-Boeing

    Boeing intends software update to address 787 localiser capture failures


    Boeing is developing updated software for 787s to correct an erroneous localiser mode behaviour during ILS approaches. The US FAA is advising operators of the three 787 variants to notify crews about potential failure by the autopilot flight-director system to capture the localiser, notably during intercept of the localiser ...

  • Schiphol-c-LVNL

    Go-around airprox exposed risks of questionable Schiphol runway procedure


    Dutch investigators have warned that Amsterdam Schiphol is approaching a limit in terms of the amount of traffic it can safety handle, owing to the complexity of the airport’s design. The Dutch Safety Board made the remark after concluding an inquiry into a serious airprox incident that occurred during ...

  • Converted cargo cabin-c-KLM

    Cabin-swap freighters' flight-time limited to reduce fire risk


    European safety regulators are intending to impose a 2,000h flight-time limit on passenger aircraft converted to transport freight, as part of a mitigation strategy to reduce the risk of catastrophic fire. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has drawn up a proposed deviation from normal freighter certification requirements, in ...

  • Max c Boeing

    UK pilots seek assurance on sensor and trim aspects of 737 Max redesign


    UK cockpit crew representatives are seeking assurances on several aspects of the Boeing 737 Max’s redesign, including scenarios relating to the angle-of-attack sensors and the potential need for two pilots to turn the trim wheel if the jet is out of trim. Pilots union BALPA has formally responded to ...

  • MD-83 overrun Kiev Zhulhany title-c-NBAAI

    MD-83 veered off Kiev runway after unstable approach and spoiler omission


    Ukrainian investigators have determined that the crew of a Boeing MD-83 that veered off the runway at Kiev Zhulhany during a thunderstorm had chosen to continue an unstabilised approach, and failed to arm the aircraft’s spoilers before landing. The Bravo Airlines twinjet (UR-CPR) was following an ILS approach to ...

  • CX 777-200

    US rule on early 777 fuel-tank inerting overrides foreign carriers’ objections


    US safety regulators have adopted a controversial rule aimed at modifying early Boeing 777s to reduce the risk of a centre fuel-tank explosion, having dismissed multiple objections by foreign operators of the type. Part of a long-running FAA effort to reduce the risk of fuel-vapour explosion across a range ...

  • Fokker 50 accident

    Silverstone Fokker 50 wrecked in Mogadishu excursion


    Images circulating on social media indicate that a Kenyan-registered Fokker 50 turboprop has been substantially damaged in a 19 September accident at Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. The aircraft (5Y-MHT) has come to rest apparently after striking a concrete wall off the right side of runway 05, suffering severe ...

  • Flybe E195 incident

    Evacuating passengers re-entered cabin after refusing to jump from E195’s wing


    Investigators are seeking a reduction in height criteria for assisted emergency exit escape, after passengers evacuating a Flybe Embraer 195 re-entered the jet after refusing to jump from the wing. Several passengers were escorted back into the aircraft and directed to other exits where slides had been deployed. ...

  • 20200909_153945_cropped

    EASA completes 737 Max test flights


    The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has completed its test flights of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft ahead of its possible recertification and return to service later this year.

  • ATR incident title

    Crew’s late escape from icing preceded serious ATR 72 upset


    Norwegian investigators have disclosed that an ATR 72-600 suffered a serious loss of control, with excessive wing bank, as its crew belatedly attempted to escape from icing conditions during a domestic Bergen-Alesund service. The inquiry into the incident – involving a Jet Time flight for SAS on 14 November ...

  • RAM 737-800

    RAM 737 carried out long, high-speed take-off after call-out hitch


    UK investigators have found that a Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737-800 lifted off from London Gatwick at nearly 200kt, and close to the end of the runway, after the crew did not receive automatic speed call-outs during the take-off roll. The crew of the aircraft (CN-RGJ), bound for Casablanca ...

  • Etihad A320

    Landing A320 hit edge lights after drifting from Kozhikode centreline


    Several runway lights were damaged by an Etihad Airways Airbus A320 after it drifted from the centreline during an approach in darkness and poor weather to Kozhikode airport in India. The United Arab Emirates’ General Civil Aviation Authority says the crew had already executed a go-around during the initial ...

  • Lufthansa Airbus A320

    How the traffic collapse has improved European flight efficiency


    Analysis of flight operations in Europe has given an insight into a fringe benefit of the air transport crisis – the improvement in flightpath efficiency in all three spatial dimensions. Eurocontrol has been monitoring the airspace situation in detail since the onset of the crisis, and assessing the effect ...

  • Klasjet 737-500 incident

    Experienced crew struggled with instrument flight after 737 lost autopilots


    Spanish investigators have detailed an unusual incident in which a Boeing 737-500 crew struggled to control the aircraft after the autopilots failed, even though all the instruments needed to operate the flight remained fully functional. Operated by Lithuanian carrier Klasjet, the aircraft had departed Madrid Barajas for Kaunas on ...

  • Boeing 787-10

    FAA launches probe into 787 production issues


    The US Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation into manufacturing issues that could affect some Boeing 787s, as ANA confirms that Boeing asked it to ground one 787-10. “The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating manufacturing flaws affecting certain Boeing 787 jetliners,” says the FAA. “The agency continues to ...