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  • China Airlines Cargo 747

    Lack of alertness, improper operation behind China Airlines freighter undershoot


    The pilot of a China Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter that undershot a runway at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport had inadequate rest — thanks to a crying baby at home — which affected his alertness. Releasing its final report into the 2018 incident, the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB) also ...

  • ao2017003_wheelfailure

    Loosened tie bolt assemblies behind Virgin Australia 737 wheel failure


    Virgin Australia has implemented new landing gear wheel inspection guidelines, following the failure of a main landing gear wheel on a Boeing 737-800. Releasing its final report into the 2017 incident, investigators from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) found that the number one main wheel ruptured because of ...

  • Thai A350-900

    Thai A350 descended below 670ft while still far from Frankfurt runway


    German investigators have detailed an approach incident in which a Thai Airways Airbus A350-900 descended to less than 670ft above ground while still nearly 6.5nm (12km) from touchdown at Frankfurt Main. The aircraft (HS-THF) had been inbound from Phuket, at night but in good visibility, on 1 January. ...

  • Air France

    Three runways to close at main Paris airports


    Paris Charles de Gaulle airport is set to close two runways within days, providing additional space on which to park aircraft grounded by the coronavirus crisis. NOTAM information issued for the French capital hub on 19 March states that both runway 08R/26L and the parallel 08L/26R will be shut ...

  • Saudi 747 Maastricht 2

    Startled 747 excursion crew delayed cutting power after engine stall


    Dutch investigators have concluded that a Boeing 747-400ERF crew was startled by an engine compressor stall during the take-off roll, and consequently failed to reduce thrust in time to prevent a runway excursion. The Turkish-registered MyCargo Airlines aircraft had been operating from Maastricht, bound for Jeddah, on behalf of ...

  • Southwest Boeing 737 Max
    In depth

    Timeline of the twists and turns in the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max


    On 13 March 2019 the US essentially completed the global grounding of the Boeing 737 Max, following two fatal crashes involving the type in the space of five months.

  • Swiss A220

    A220 crew missed low-thrust indications during laboured take-off


    Investigators probing a Swiss Airbus A220 low-thrust incident during departure at Porto found that the pilots only belatedly realised that the autothrottle had not engaged before the take-off roll. Swiss investigation authority SUST found the A220-300, bound for Geneva, had conducted a de-rated rolling take-off from intersection C of ...

  • Ethiopian 787

    Hong Kong probing fourth 787 ILS deviation incident


    Investigators have revealed a fourth incident involving a Boeing 787 deviation from the localiser path, during an ILS approach to runway 25R at Hong Kong last year. The incident occurred to an Ethiopian Airlines 787-8 which had been arriving on 18 July. It had been cleared for the ...

  • Virgin Atlantic 787 (shutterstock)

    Virgin 787s suffered Hong Kong ILS deviations after Etihad incident


    Investigators in Hong Kong have revealed two other serious localiser deviation incidents, both involving Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9s, which occurred within a few weeks of a similar occurrence to an Etihad Airways 787-9. One of Virgin’s services from London Heathrow had been conducting an ILS approach to runway 25R ...

  • Etihad_Airways,_A6-BLF,_Boeing_787-9_Dreamliner_(30357875337)

    Hong Kong probes Etihad 787 course deviation


    Hong Kong’s Air Accident Investigation Authority is investigating an incident where an Etihad Boeing 787-9 deviated from the localiser course while landing. The incident occurred on 7 September, 2019 at around 10:41 local time. The twinjet, registered A6-BLF (MSN 39651), was operating flight 834 from Abu Dhabi to Hong ...

  • ACT MyCargo 747

    Impeded descent preceded 747’s false glideslope crash


    Investigators have given greater insight into the initial altitude deviation by a descending Boeing 747-400 freighter which preceded the aircraft’s capturing a false glideslope and fatally crashing at Bishkek. The inquiry into the accident, at night on 16 January 2017, had already established that the aircraft had been too ...

  • EU aircraft

    Incomplete single EU aviation market costing €37bn annually


    Europe’s much-vaunted single aviation market remains an incomplete initiative, costing airlines €37 billion ($41 billion) per year in terms of disunity in legislation and application of regulations, according to an independent air transport research group. Half of this figure – some €17.4 billion – could be saved by implementing ...

  • CargoLogicAir 747-8F 640px

    CargoLogicAir suspends operations as Chinese situation bites


    UK freighter operator CargoLogicAir has confirmed to FlightGlobal sister publication Air Cargo News that it has suspended operations as its exposure to China takes its toll. In a short statement, the Boeing 747 carrier – and the UK’s only maindeck freighter operator – said that “due to the ...

  • Croydon Airco DH.4

    Colourised images mark centenary of world’s first control tower


    Colourised images of the world’s first air traffic control tower have been released by UK air navigation service NATS to mark the centenary of the tower’s commissioning at London’s former Croydon airport. Croydon was the UK capital’s primary airport at the time of the air ministry’s commissioning for the ...

  • Jetstar A320

    Inaccurate manual speed calculations led to Jetstar A320 overspeed


    Incorrectly calculated take-off speeds caused a Jetstar Airbus A320 to suffer flap and landing gear retraction overspeeds, Australian aviation safety investigators have revealed. Releasing the final investigation report into the 2018 incident, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) says the flight crew also did not independently verify and cross ...

  • Max grounded in Washington

    Boeing orders 737 Max inspections after fuel tank FOD find


    Boeing has ordered the inspection of all undelivered 737 Maxes, after it found debris in the wing fuel tanks of some of the grounded narrowbodies.

  • Brussels tower

    Belgium latest to evolve towards remote digital towers


    Belgium’s air navigation service, Skeyes, is to establish digital control towers at six airports in the country, including the main Brussels hub and the secondary Charleroi airport. Skeyes says its board has formally chosen to open a tender procedure which will also cover phased introduction of digital towers at ...

  • American Eagle E175
    In depth

    Checklist concern emerges after E175 crew's pitch-trim battle


    US investigators have discovered chafed horizontal stabiliser control wiring on an American Eagle Embraer 175 involved in a serious mis-trim and pitch-control incident on departure from Atlanta. The pilots of the aircraft, operated by Republic Airways, were unable to engage the autopilot at 2,200ft and experienced difficulty in holding ...

  • United 777-300ER two

    United 777, Virgin Australia ATR in Sydney airprox incident


    The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating a loss of separation incident near Sydney Airport, involving a United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER and a Virgin Australia ATR 72. The incident took place on 22 January afternoon. During its initial climb, the United widebody, registered N2333U, turned right, resulting in ...

  • Delta A350

    A350 engine shutdown incidents linked to cockpit drink spills


    Airbus and Rolls-Royce are investigating two incidents in which A350s experienced uncommanded in-flight engine shutdown after drinks were spilled on controls situated on the cockpit centre pedestal. FlightGlobal understands that the airframer is to discuss the matter with operators on 30 January, and will issue a transmission on recommended ...