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  • Boeing 737 production final assembly line in Renton
    In depth

    Boeing safety revamp is ‘journey’, will take time


    Boeing’s chief aerospace safety officer says the company has learned lessons since overhauling safety processes in the wake of the 737 Max tragedies, but is ”not there yet”.

  • Berlin OO-MAS Phenom accident-c-BFU

    Phenom 100 crews warned not to shun ice-protection for performance advantage


    Brazilian regulators have stressed that Embraer Phenom 100 pilots must not de-activate ice-protection systems to avoid an aircraft performance penalty, and ensure correct procedures are followed to avoid undetected ice formation. Civil aviation agency ANAC has issued the recommendations in a 12 May special airworthiness bulletin, after investigations into three ...

  • LMS-901 spin modelling title-c-TsAGI

    Spin and stall characteristics modelled for Russia’s LMS-901 certification


    Russian airframer UZGA’s LMS-901 Baikal has been undergoing high angle-of-attack and spin modelling at Moscow’s Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, as part of certification preparation. The Baikal is a single-engined utility aircraft intended for regional connectivity to remote areas, replacing older types such as the Antonov An-2. As part of its development, ...

  • Oman Air 737-900-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Oman Air 737 grounded in Iran after sustaining debris damage on landing


    One of Oman Air’s aircraft has been damaged by runway debris while landing in Iran, forcing the grounding of the jet. The Boeing 737-900ER had been operating the carrier’s WY2435 service – a chartered flight – from Muscat to Shiraz on 15 May. Oman Air says the twinjet sustained damage ...

  • A380-c-Airbus

    A380 wing-spar crack checks must take account time in storage


    Inspections for cracks in the vicinity of Airbus A380 wing spars must take into account the amount of time the aircraft has been parked in storage, safety regulators have instructed. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has updated its criteria for determining inspection intervals for the affected areas – specifically ...

  • LX-OCV_Cargolux-002

    Cargolux 747 freighter loses landing gear bogie after emergency landing


    A Cargolux Boeing 747-400 freighter suffered a “significant” landing incident at Luxembourg airport, where its right body landing gear bogie detached following an emergency landing. 

  • Flydubai 737 suite-c-Flydubai

    Boeing seeks US approval for mini-suite installations on 737 Max


    Boeing is seeking authorisation to fit mini-suites to its 737 Max range, similar to those already approved in other aircraft types. The airframer states that it is proposing to install up to 32 of the suites – each featuring its own privacy door – on the Max 7 up to ...

  • Iraqi A220 Oslo-c-Iraqi Airways

    Iraqi regulator confirms engine incidents behind A220 grounding


    Iraq’s civil aviation regulator has clarified its measures to restrict Iraqi Airways Airbus A220 operations, citing engine damage to two airframes. The Iraq Civil Aviation Authority states that it took the decision to suspend A220 operations over a “sense of responsibility to preserve the safety of passengers and air traffic”. ...

  • JSX_plane

    US aviation unions blast SkyWest Charter, ask government to reject application


    Ten US aviation unions have called on the US government to prevent SkyWest Airlines’ new charter unit, SkyWest Charter, from gaining Department of Transportation (DOT) approval.

  • Singapore_Airlines_Boeing_737-800

    Over-rotation led to Singapore Airlines 737 tail-strike in Kathmandu


    Investigators have found that over-rotation, coupled with tailwinds, caused a Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800 to suffer a tail-strike while taking off from Kathmandu airport. 

  • 52427526696_1901a39546_o

    FAA adds 169 faster high-altitude routes along US East Coast


    The Federal Aviation Administration has added 169 new high-altitude aviation corridors along the east coast of the USA designed to save time and fuel.

  • VoloCity-c-Volocopter

    EASA draws up noise-certification proposals for eVTOL operations


    European certification regulators have drawn up the first proposals for assessing noise generated by eVTOL aircraft, as the development of various future air taxi designs advances. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency says the technical specifications for environmental protection apply to aircraft powered by multiple non-tilting, evenly-distributed, vertical-lift rotors. “Noise ...

  • Pilots in cockpit

    Flightcrew unions seek to squash talk of ‘reduced-pilot’ operations


    Pilot unions have come out swinging against what they call a campaign by Airbus and other manufacturers to promote regulatory changes allowing a single pilot to be alone in commercial aircraft cockpits during certain flight phases.

  • Pel-Air_(VH-KDK)_Saab_340A_

    ATSB probes Pel-Air Saab 340 freighter fire


    Australian investigators are probing an in-flight fire involving a Saab 340A freighter operated by Regional Express (Rex) unit Pel-Air.

  • ITA A330 EI-EJL-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    ITA A330 departed JFK after crew did not notice taxi collision with 777


    US investigators have concluded the crew of an ITA Airways Airbus A330-200 misjudged the available space while taxiing past an Air France Boeing 777-200ER, colliding with the parked aircraft and then proceeding to take off despite both jets’ sustaining damage. The accident occurred in darkness at New York JFK on ...

  • Charles Bolden-c-NASA

    FAA unveils high-profile aerospace line-up to carry out independent safety review


    Six individuals including a former astronaut and representatives from the airline pilot, accident investigation and air traffic control sectors have been named in the line-up of the US FAA’s independent safety review team. The measure follows a number of air traffic incidents within the country, during take-off or landing, the ...

  • BA special assistance-c-British Airways

    UK regulator aims to rank airlines over support for reduced-mobility passengers


    UK regulators are proposing the introduction of a ranking system to assess airlines’ ability to support and assist disabled and less-mobile passengers, similar to that which was brought in for airports nearly a decade ago. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has detailed its proposed airline accessibility framework in a consultation ...

  • Delta Air Lines 767

    Leaky lavatory caused Delta 767 flight control problem in 2022


    The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has determined that water leaking from lavatories formed ice that jammed the controls of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 last July.

  • United ERJ N14162 incident-c-Tomas Del Coro Creative Commons

    Birdstrike damages both engines on United ERJ-145


    US regulators have disclosed that an Embraer ERJ-145XR received damage to both engines from a birdstrike while operating a domestic service from Houston. The incident occurred on 20 April as the United Express jet – operated by CommuteAir – conducted a service to Laredo in Texas. According to a preliminary ...

  • Pel-Air incident-c-NSW Fire and Rescue

    In-flight fire damages Pel-Air Saab 340 freighter


    Fire crews attending the emergency landing of a Pel-Air Saab 340A freighter have discovered the aircraft was badly damaged by an electrical fire. The aircraft had taken off from Wagga Wagga, west of Canberra, on 23 April, but landed at Cobar airport some 85min after departure. Smoke indicators had alerted ...