Air Moldova’s air operator’s certificate has been revoked by the country’s civil aviation authority, over a failure to maintain minimum requirements.

The measure, taken on 20 February, follows suspension of the carrier’s AOC six months previously.

According to the civil aviation authority the airline has been undergoing restructuring for more than six months but has “not presented any evidence” over that period demonstrating removal of “non-conformities”.

It adds that the carrier does not have any operational aircraft and “does not meet the minimum requirements” for holding an AOC.

Air Moldova-c-Air Moldova

Source: Air Moldova

Air Moldova had previously operated Airbus single-aisle and Embraer regional jets

Air Moldova’s AOC was suspended in August last year.

The airline’s inability to show, at the end of the subsequent six months, that it had at least one aircraft with a valid airworthiness certificate made the revocation “inevitable”, the authority states.

Air Moldova representatives were invited to each of the authority’s meetings on the matter, it adds, but did not attend.

“If the company wants to resume flights, it can initiate a new certification process, in order to obtain the AOC, in accordance with national regulations,” the authority says.