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  • Air Astana flight training centre-c-Air Astana

    Air Astana commissions new EASA-approved flight-training centre


    Kazakh carrier Air Astana has formally commissioned a new flight-training centre, stating that it is the first in the Central Asian regional to have European Union Aviation Safety Agency approval. The training centre is located at Astana’s international airport. It is equipped with a full-flight Airbus A320 Reality7e simulator supplied ...

  • UK Swanwick ATC-c-NATS

    Coincidentally-identical waypoint names foxed UK air traffic control system


    Preliminary investigation into the serious UK air traffic control failure on 28 August has traced the root cause to a processing conflict triggered by a single flightplan featuring two separate waypoints which – although geographically distant – had identical designators. UK air navigation service NATS has not disclosed details of ...

  • BBN Airlines Indonesia-c-Avia Solutions Group

    Avia Solutions’ new Indonesian carrier secures AOC


    Avia Solutions Group’s new Asian carrier, BBN Airlines Indonesia, has secured an air operator’s certificate from the country’s transport ministry. The airline obtained the approval on 31 August. It will operate an initial fleet of two Boeing 737-800 freighters. Avia Solutions, which oversees several airlines, disclosed last year that it ...

  • Nordwind A321 simulation title-c-Interstate Aviation Committee

    Nordwind A321 executed go-around with over 100 system failures after hard landing


    Russian investigators have detailed the serious damage inflicted on a Nordwind Airbus A321 by a hard landing at Antalya, after which the crew executed a go-around despite the aircraft’s being crippled. Over 100 failures were recorded by the ACARS communications system after the twinjet – arriving from Moscow on 10 ...

  • American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER 2019

    More GE90 turbofans subject to ‘iron-inclusion’ defect


    A new Federal Aviation Administration proposed rule reveals that more GE Aerospace turbofans may include compressor components made from contaminated material.

  • eVTOL-c-EASA

    EASA proposal completes regulatory framework for eVTOL operations


    Europe’s safety regulator has submitted proposals for rules governing safe operation of future vertical take-off aircraft, including air taxis, which will complete the regulatory framework allowing such services to begin. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published a formal opinion introducing a set of operational requirements for piloted electric ...

  • Lan Cargo 767-300ER freighter-c-Ian Creek Creative Commons

    LATAM 767 freighter reached excessive nose-up pitch and stalled during windshear escape


    German investigators have disclosed that a LATAM Airlines Boeing 767-300ER freighter reached a steep nose-up pitch of 48°, and started to stall, during a windshear-escape manoeuvre on approach to Frankfurt. The aircraft had been arriving from Amsterdam on 20 June and had stabilised on the ILS Category I approach to ...

  • Luc Tytgat-c-EASA

    EASA strategy director named as interim successor to long-standing chief Ky


    European Union Aviation Safety Agency strategy director Luc Tytgat will oversee the regulator from the beginning of September, as the authority seeks a permanent successor to executive director Patrick Ky. Ky steps down as the head of EASA on 1 September having served a second five-year term in the role. ...

  • Nordwind A321 accident-c-Interstate Aviation Committee

    A321 hard-landing inquiry unable to determine whether cockpit recorder deliberately erased


    Russian investigators have not been able to determine whether a deliberate attempt was made to erase the cockpit-voice recorder of a Nordwind Airbus A321 after a hard landing in Antalya, by fitting it into a different aircraft. The recorder had been present on the A321 (VQ-BRS) as it flew – ...

  • Prigozhin Legacy 600 title-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee not ‘currently’ investigating fatal Legacy crash


    Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee, the country’s civil aircraft accident investigation authority, is not currently probing the Embraer Legacy 600 crash northwest of Moscow. The aircraft – bound for St Petersburg – came down in the Tver region on 23 August, with no survivors among the 10 occupants. While the Interstate ...

  • United Airlines 777-300ER

    FAA orders 777 inspections to address ‘urgent’ risk involving fire prevention


    An “urgent unsafe condition” has led the Federal Aviation Administration to order airlines to ensure their Boeing 777s have correctly installed “cap seals” – components used to prevent fuel-tank fires.

  • American at DFW_1Oct2020

    US DOT fines American Airlines $4.1m for tarmac delay violations


    The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has fined American Airlines $4.1 million for violations associated with lengthy tarmac delays, the largest civil fine ever issued for these kinds of transgressions.

  • Heathrow airport-c-Heathrow Airport

    UK air traffic services badly disrupted following flight-data processing failure


    UK air navigation service NATS is working to restore normal operations after imposing traffic-flow restrictions, following a serious technical problem which affected the automatic processing of flightplans. Eurocontrol’s network operations centre states that the UK experienced a flight-data processing system “failure”. Both the London and Scottish flight information regions are ...

  • Prigozhin Legacy 600 title-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Wagner leader Prigozhin confirmed among Embraer crash fatalities: investigators


    Russian investigators have confirmed that the head of private military organisation Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, as well as several associates, are among the casualties of a fatal Embraer Legacy crash northwest of Moscow. The federal Investigative Committee states that “molecular genetic examinations” on 10 individuals recovered from the wreckage, following ...

  • Aviakatastrofa-c-Investigative Committee

    Russian investigators retrieve flight recorders from crashed Embraer Legacy


    Russian investigators have retrieved the flight recorders from the Embraer Legacy 600 which crashed in the Tver region on 23 August. The federal Investigative Committee also says 10 casualties were located at the accident site. It states that molecular genetic examination is taking place to establish their identities. Several individuals ...

  • KLM 737-700 PH-BGF-c-Mark Harkin Creative Commons

    German investigators discontinue probe into 737 take-off data-entry error


    German investigators have discontinued a probe into a data-entry error involving a departing Boeing 737-700 at Nuremberg earlier this year. The KLM aircraft had been taking off from runway 28 on 11 March. German investigation authority BFU says the 737 rotated 347m before the end of the runway, which has ...

  • twin otter crash 3-c-St Barts webcam

    Air Antilles Twin Otter collides with parked helicopter during landing excursion


    Air Antilles believes no injuries have resulted from a collision between a Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter and a parked helicopter as the turboprop landed at Saint Barthelemy. Video images from an online live web camera captured the helicopter landing at the airport around 11:13 on 24 August. Its occupants ...

  • AIr Moldova Airbus-c-Air Moldova

    Air Moldova’s operating certificate suspended over aircraft unavailability


    Moldova’s civil aviation regulator has suspended the air operator’s certificate of Air Moldova, apparently at the airline’s request, over a lack of airworthy aircraft. The airline, which embarked on a restructuring programme earlier this year, has effectively been inoperative for several months. According to the civil aviation authority, only one ...

  • MH370 flaperon barnacles-c-ATSB

    Barnacle shell modelling could refine ocean drift path of MH370 debris


    International researchers have argued that modelling of ocean barnacle shell formation and sea temperature could prove useful analytical data to locate the crash site of a missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER. Contact with the aircraft, operating the Kuala Lumpur-Beijing flight MH370, was lost as it deviated from its flightpath in ...

  • Embraer crash purported-c-via Twitter

    No survivors from Russian Embraer Legacy crash as Wagner Group leader listed on board


    Russia’s federal air transport regulator has listed senior figures from the private military Wagner Group, including leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, as having been among 10 occupants of an Embraer Legacy business jet which crashed in the Tver region of the country. Rosaviatsia has released a manifest for the aircraft, from its ...