Investigators have identified a British Aerospace Jetstream 32 involved in a fatal terrain collision in Canada as a 33-year old airframe operated by Northwestern Air Lease.

The turboprop struck terrain shortly after take-off from runway 30 at Fort Smith airport, on the border between Alberta and Northwest Territories, on 23 January.

It had been conducting a service to Diavik airport, which serves the Diavik diamond mine, some 480km to the north.

The aircraft came down 0.7nm from the departure end of the runway, close to the Slave River.

Jetstream C-FNAA crash-c-Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Source: Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Fire broke out after the Jetstream collided with terrain 0.7nm from the runway

Two pilots and five passengers were on board the Jetstream.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada states that a fire broke out after impact and the aircraft was destroyed. Only one of the seven occupants survived the crash.

The aircraft (C-FNAA) was originally delivered to US carrier Trans States Airlines in 1991.

Meteorological information from Fort Smith airport on the date of the accident shows temperatures between minus 20°C and minus 30°C, and snowfall.