Elbit Systems is poised to build on its sales performance with the Hermes 900 unmanned air vehicle, according to chief executive Bezhalel “Butzi” Machlis.

“We expect to sign an eighth contract soon,” says Machlis, who notes that the medium-altitude, long-endurance type – a flightworthy example of which is on display inside the exhibition hall at the Singapore air show – has only been on the market for less than three years.

“The Hermes 900 is a vehicle that can carry many of the systems that Elbit has,” Machlis says, with these including electro-optical/infrared sensors and communications and electronic intelligence equipment. “We control all of this technology, and can tailor a specific solution for a specific need.”

Hermes 900 - Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems

Elbit secured orders for the Hermes 900 from three customers last year, including a repeat buy from launch user Israel. The pending deal is understood to be a follow-on sale with another previous customer. “We believe it is the most advanced UAV of its type,” Machlis says.

The company is showcasing a range of systems on its main exhibit at the show, including a cockpit upgrade package for the Lockheed Martin C-130 and a new “Treasures” range of unattended ground sensors.

Describing the Asia-Pacific area as very important to his company, Machlis says: “There is a lot of interest in our systems, from the whole region.”

Source: Flight Daily News