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  • SmartLynx A321-c-SmartLynx

    SmartLynx recruits for new in-house line maintenance arm


    Wet-lease and charter specialist SmartLynx Airlines is opening a new in-house division for line maintenance, branded SmartLynx Technik, for its Airbus fleet. The division, with bases in Riga and Tallinn, will commence operations in the fourth quarter of this year. SmartLynx says its facilities will be approved by the European ...

  • A320 stabiliser trim

    Airbus revises A320 logic after touch-and-go accident


    Airbus is developing a retrofit to reduce the risk of system logic weaknesses that played a role in the SmartLynx A320 touch-and-go accident at Tallinn last year.

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    Crippled SmartLynx A320 nursed home after runway strike


    Investigators have described the extraordinary effort to control an airborne SmartLynx Airbus A320 using stabiliser trim and thrust from its badly-damaged engines, after the aircraft struck the runway with its engine pods during a failed touch-and-go exercise. The A320 suffered elevator failure as it rolled out after touchdown at ...

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    SmartLynx A320 damaged by bounce during flight training


    ​Estonian investigators are probing a landing incident involving an Airbus A320 during a training flight at Tallinn.