Sukhoi's civil aircraft division has yet to decide on the crucial powerplant issue for its proposed 'Russified' Superjet 100.

The current Superjet fleet is fitted with the Franco-Russian PowerJet SaM146, with Snecma as the manufacturer's Western partner in the venture.

But the airframer is pursuing a substitution programme to create a version of the aircraft, the SSJ100R, with greater domestic content.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft says it is "still analysing the options available" for the engine, without specifying further.

Aviadvigatel has been developing the PD-14 engine family and has proposed a smaller model, designated the PD-10, which is aimed at aircraft such as the Superjet.

Sukhoi says that other key components to be replaced for the SSJ100R include the inertial navigation system and auxiliary power unit – both provided by Honeywell – as well as the parts for the interior.

Honeywell is a strong supplier to the Superjet programme, producing several parts of the twinjet's avionics suite. The aircraft also features structures from a number of other Western companies. Safran manufactures the jet's undercarriage assemblies.

"Russian engineering and manufacturing companies are already invited for participation in the [SSJ100R] programme," says the airframer, adding that first deliveries are scheduled for 2020.

Two Iranian airlines have signed preliminary agreements to take the 'Russified' aircraft. The US government's withdrawal from a pact lifting nuclear-related sanctions is set to re-impose restrictions on supplying aircraft to Iran featuring significant US content.

Source: Cirium Dashboard