China's Xian Aircraft has delivered its first set of composite inboard wing flaps for the Boeing 747-8 programme.

XAC, a subsidiary of AVIC, will become the sole supplier of the aircraft's inboard wing flaps from 2011, says AVIC.

It signed an agreement with Boeing in 2007 to supply the flaps for the 747-8. Fokker Aerostructures, which signed a two-year agreement with Boeing in 2007 to supply the initial series of flaps, worked with XAC on the programme.

XAC expects to deliver three more sets of inboard wing flaps to Boeing by the end of the year, says AVIC.

It will ramp up the production rate to 20 sets a year from 2011 onwards, says AVIC.

Boeing expects to deliver the first 747-8 freighter by year-end, followed by the 747-8I passenger aircraft in 2011.

Source: Flight International