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  • Hevilift Twin Otter-c-Richard Vandervord Creative Commons

    Twin Otter on approach conflicted with opposite-direction departure at PNG airport


    Investigators in Papua New Guinea are probing a serious incident in which an aircraft departing Kagamuga airport near Mount Hagen came into conflict with a flight on approach to the same runway from the opposite direction. Kagamuga airport is some 500km north-west of the capital, Port Moresby, and has a ...

  • Beech 18S accident-c-BEA via DGAC

    Wake and tailwind led to Beech 18 wing-strike and excursion at air show


    French investigators believe the pilot of a vintage Beech 18S lost control during a take-off in tailwinds, exacerbated by wake turbulence from a formation of other aircraft departing the same runway. The Beech, built in 1958, was participating in the Air Legends air show at Melun on 11 September last ...

  • PA-46 mid-air title-c-CNLV fire department

    US inquiry probes fatal Cessna-Piper collision on approach path to same runway


    US investigators probing a fatal mid-air collision between two light aircraft at North Las Vegas airport are trying to ascertain why both appeared to be on the approach path to the same runway. The aircraft collided on 17 July around 0.25nm from the end of runway 30R which runs parallel ...

  • DA40 accident cockpit-c-AAIB

    DA40 stalled after take-off as fluid container jammed control stick


    UK investigators believe a Diamond Aircraft DA40, piloted by a flight instructor, failed to recover from a stall after take-off because a container of de-icing fluid stored in a cockpit footwell jammed the control stick. The aircraft had been loaded with five de-icing fluid containers ahead of a flight from ...

  • G-HYZA-c-ZeroAvia

    ZeroAvia tightens flight-test regime after Piper crash probe flags pressure points


    ZeroAvia has tightened the experimental regime for its hydrogen fuel-cell aircraft testing, including management of commercial pressures, after a UK investigation into a serious loss-of-power accident uncovered safety weaknesses in the programme. The accident, at Cranfield on 29 April last year, involved a modified Piper M350 (G-HYZA) whose single piston ...

  • ZeroAvia Piper M350 accident-c-AAIB

    ZeroAvia’s electric Piper force-landed after windmilling propeller locked out motors


    UK investigators have determined that the windmilling propeller on an experimental Piper M350 – which had been modified with a hydrogen fuel-cell engine – locked out power to the electric motors, leading to a forced landing which badly damaged the aircraft. The ZeroAvia aircraft (G-HYZA) had been undergoing a flight ...

  • CityAirbus-c-Airbus

    CityAirbus aft structure to be developed by automotive composite pairing


    Airbus has selected German firms KLK Motorsport and Gerg to design and build the aft structure of the airframer’s electric vertical take-off and landing prototype CityAirbus NextGen. The companies are located in Hohenthann, south-east of Munich, and specialise in composite design. Airbus disclosed the new urban mobility partnership during the ...

  • Chipmunk OY-ALD collision damage-c-HCL

    Chipmunk badly damaged in Danish formation-flight collision


    Investigators have disclosed that the pilots of two De Havilland Chipmunks escaped injury after the aircraft – part of a formation flight – collided over Denmark. The Chipmunks were among four aircraft taking part in a formation training flight, in daylight and visual weather conditions, on 14 May. They had ...

  • G-EGVA-c-Alec Wilson Creative Commons

    Pilots of PA-28 lost over Channel unqualified to fly in cloud


    UK investigators examining the disappearance of a Piper PA-28 light aircraft over the English Channel have disclosed that its pilots were flying through cloud, despite neither being qualified for instrument conditions, when contact was lost. The single-engined PA-28 was one of a group of seven aircraft undertaking a Channel crossing ...

  • ZeroAvia testbed

    Investigators yet to detail power loss behind ZeroAvia M350 forced-landing accident


    UK accident investigators have disclosed few additional details of the crash involving an experimental hydrogen-electric Piper M350 a year ago, beyond stating that the aircraft suffered a power loss. The aircraft (G-HYZA) had been modified with an electric motor powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and was carrying out test flights ...

  • 375910-172_Skyhawk_2-da3410-original-1610490485

    FAA and aviation stakeholders launch unleaded fuel initiative


    The Federal Aviation Administration and general aviation (GA) interest groups have agreed on a roadmap to phase out the use of leaded fuel for GA aircraft in the USA by 2030.

  • Jodel crash ATSB-c-RACQ CQ Rescue

    Fatal Jodel crash probe finds pilot unlicensed and aircraft unmaintained


    Australian investigators have discontinued an investigation into a fatal light aircraft crash after finding a catalogue of operational violations including the fact that it was being flown by an unlicensed pilot. The Jodel D11’s engine started intermittently cutting out at a height of 60ft, almost immediately after take-off from Ball ...

  • LMS-901 at NAIS-c-NAIS

    Komsomolsk envisioned as eastern manufacturing site for LMS-901


    Russian manufacturer Baikal Engineering is to establish an aerospace centre for regional aviation in the eastern Khabarovsk region, which is envisioned as a production facility for the new LMS-901 utility aircraft. The proposal has the support of the Russian ministry of regional development and the Far East and Arctic development ...

  • DHC-2 parachute crash-c-SHK

    DHC-2’s trim and balance scrutinised after fatal crash during parachute lift


    Swedish investigators are closely examining elevator trim settings, and weight and balance calculations, as part of the inquiry into a fatal De Havilland Canada DHC-2 crash during a parachute drop. None of the nine occupants – a pilot and eight parachutists – survived after the single-engined aircraft, which had climbed ...

  • AirCar flight testing title-c-KleinVision

    Convertible ‘AirCar’ secures Slovakian certification


    Slovakian authorities have granted a certificate of airworthiness to a road vehicle capable of transitioning to an aircraft, following a 70h flight-test campaign. The KleinVision AirCar, powered by a 1.6-litre BMW engine, undertook over 200 sorties as part of the certification effort. Transport Authority of Slovakia’s civil aviation director Rene ...

  • LMS-901 tests

    Ural’s new LMS-901 utility aircraft becomes airborne during runway tests


    Ural civil aviation plant UZGA’s multi-purpose LMS-901 Baikal, the utility aircraft intended to replace the Antonov An-2, has become airborne for the first time. The aircraft briefly lifted off the runway during a series of tests over the course of 14-18 January. Its developers had conducted low-speed taxi checks, before ...

  • Prosperity I-c-AutoFlight

    China’s AutoFlight seeks EASA certification for Prosperity I eVTOL taxi


    Chinese electric vertical take-off and landing specialist AutoFlight is preparing to embark on a European certification bid for its Prosperity I air taxi aircraft. It has established a European operation at Augsburg airport and is pursuing approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency for the three-passenger eVTOL aircraft by ...

  • Grand Caravan-c-Textron Aviation Cessna

    Lessor GTLK to supply Grand Caravan fleet to improve Kamchatka connectivity


    Russian leasing firm GTLK is to support the development of a relatively new operator in the eastern Kamchatka peninsula, supplying a fleet of Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft. The operator, Kamchatka Airlines, is intending to offer improved regional connectivity in the area, which features remotely-located settlements. GTLK says it will ...

  • Airlander desert sunset

    Fresh funding edges HAV closer to Airlander production


    UK airship developer Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) is on the cusp of advancing its Airlander programme into its production phase, following a successful funding drive.

  • Safair 737-400-c-SACAA

    Wrong turn took student's PA-28 into approach path of 737


    South African investigators have found that the student pilot of a Piper PA-28 turned in the wrong direction after an air traffic control instruction, flying just 100ft directly above a Boeing 737-400 on approach to East London airport. The student was conducting a solo navigation flight on 25 August, from ...