Latvian carrier Air Baltic’s training arm is to acquire a number of all-electric Diamond Aircraft models, as part of a modernisation of its fleet.

The company has reached a tentative agreement for three Diamond eDA40s, a derivative of the single-engined DA40.

It will also take a pair of twin-engined DA42-VIs.

Air Baltic says its pilot academy fleet will increase to 15 aircraft as a result of the agreement, reached during the Baltic International Airshow, held in the west Latvian coastal city of Liepaja in mid-June.

Diamond Aircraft claims the eDA40 will be the first aircraft in its category to secure European and US certification.

eDA40-c-Diamond Aircraft

Source: Diamond Aircraft

Diamond’s eDA40 showing the battery pod mounted beneath the fuselage

The aircraft will operate with net-zero emissions during flight, it states, and will initially be configured with a two-seat cockpit – although a three-seat option is under development.

Air Baltic chief operations officer Pauls Calitis says the “innovative” aircraft are a “significant milestone” in its aim to provide sustainable training to pilots.

“We are dedicated to expanding our fleet with cutting-edge technology to meet the growing demand for highly skilled aviation professionals,” says Calitis.

The training division, which has 10 DA40s, will take delivery of the new aircraft over the period to 2030.

Air Baltic says the eDA40 will have a fast-charging system which will recharge the aircraft in 20-30min.

“This investment underscores [Air Baltic’s] commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology and sustainability in flight training,” says Diamond Aircraft’s sales director for Austria, Jane Wang.