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    Northrop changes JSTARS leadership after grounding aircraft


    Northrop Grumman has changed leadership at its JSTARS sustainment facility after the US Air Force grounded almost a quarter of the E-8C fleet for inspection.

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    ​Next-gen tanker must be survivable, not stealthy


    The US Air Force’s KC-Z tanker may not be stealthy, but should be persistent and able to change its waveform signature management, according to the service’s head of aur mobililty command.

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    ​Lockheed scores $1 billion in F-35 maintenance


    The US Navy awarded Lockheed Martin more than $1 billion in logistics and sustainment services for the F-35 Lightning II programme, according to a Defense Department contract announced this week.

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    ​Sikorsky pitches HH-60Us to replace USAF Hueys


    With the US Air Force’s UH-1N recapitalisation programme heating up, Sikorsky announced its plans to bid the HH-60U Black Hawk for the Huey replacement.

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    US think-tank calls for stealthy, carrier-based UCAV


    ​An influential think-tank has unveiled a vision of a future US Navy strike group composed of two aircraft carriers and supporting ships with 110 aircraft, including new requirements for a stealthy attack unmanned air system (UAS) and a manned fighter optimised for the air-to-air mission.

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    F-35 to fight ISIS in a few years


    ​The US Air Force’s F-35A will fight ISIS in the near future, but don’t expect to see the Lockheed Martin Lightning II flying over Iraq or Syria this year.

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    Team Spartan challenges Canadian FWSAR award


    Just when the Royal Canadian Air Force thought it could put a 14-year acquisition process to bed, Team Spartan has challenged the fixed-wing search and rescue (FWSAR) award to Airbus Defence & Space.

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    ​USAF requests funding for low-cost fighter test


    The US Air Force has requested funding for a low-cost fighter experiment in its supplemental budget request, indicating the service is serious about finding a close air support alternative.

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    Paramount pushes low-cost Mwari


    ​As South Africa positions itself for an aviation renaissance, Paramount pushed its new armed AHRLAC in Dubai this month.

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    Lockheed pops reporter into T-50 cockpit


    ​There was no turning back from my maiden trainer voyage aboard a Lockheed Martin T-50A once the glass canopy closed down above my head.

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    Trump teases Super Hornet order


    ​As US President Donald Trump stood in front of Boeing’s inaugural 787-10 Dreamliner in South Carolina this week, he turned his attention from the company’s commercial crown jewel to tease a possible military aircraft sale.

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    ​Lockheed pulls out of FA-50 CRADA


    Lockheed Martin has pulled its FA-50 out of an airworthiness assessment with the US Air Force, service officials tell FlightGlobal.

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    ​Commercial helicopters unable to meet Huey recapitalisation requirements


    The US Air Force has delayed the release of its final request for proposal to recapitalise its fleet of UH-1N Huey helicopters, after contractors told the service their off-the-shelf solutions would not meet all of the proposed requirements.

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    F-35 chief confirms phone call with Trump and Boeing CEO


    F-35 programme executive officer Lt Gen Chris Bogdan has confirmed Boeing chief executive Dennis Muilenburg participated in a phone call with then-president-elect Donald Trump about how the Lockheed Martin F-35 competes with the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.

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    ​US Air Force must retrofit 108 F-35As


    The US Air Force’s number of F-35As in need of hardware or software retrofits has grown to 108 aircraft, and the service could deliver more fighters without Block 3F capabilities.

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    ​KC-46A tests delayed until January 2018


    Initial operational test and evaluation on the Boeing KC-46A tanker will begin in January 2018 at the earliest, US Air Force officials tell FlightGlobal.

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    F-35A premiers at Nellis AFB Red Flag


    ​The F-35A premiered at Red Flag this month, marking the first time the US Air Force’s Lightning Strike variant participated in the training exercise at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

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    ​Sikorsky planning Latin America tour for M28


    Sikorsky will launch a two-month tour this March for its PZL Mielec M28, taking the twin turboprop aircraft across seven Caribbean and Latin American countries to demonstrate its short take-off and landing capabilities.

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    UH-60V Black Hawk achieves first flight


    ​Northrop Grumman and the US Army completed the first flight of the UH-60V engineering and development model last month, bringing the legacy Black Hawk’s analog cockpit into the digital age.

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    A-10 fleet spared retirement through 2021


    The Fairchild Republic A-10, the titanium bathtub revered by the US Air Force and congressional members alike, will dodge early retirement for at least five more years, the USAF chief says this week.