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    Lockheed finalises deal for 90 F-35s, claims $728M savings


    Following a year of tense negotiations, Lockheed Martin secured its low-rate initial production lot 9 contract to deliver 90 F-35 fighter jets this week.

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    DARPA details OFFSET swarming UAVs


    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has released details on a crucial leg of its third offset initiative, a swarming unmanned vehicle programme known as OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET).

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    Deadline passes for Lockheed F-35 contract appeal, but options remain


    The deadline has passed for Lockheed Martin to file an appeal with the Armed Services Board of Contracts Appeals, but the company could still take alternative legal avenues to reject the terms of the F-35 ow-rate initial production lot 9 contract.

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    Mattis review will validate F-35: USMC aviation chief


    The US Marine Corps deputy commandant for aviation is placing his bets on the Lockheed Martin F-35C ahead of a Pentagon review that will compare the Lightning II to Boeing’s F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.

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    ​MV-22 crash lands during SEAL raid in Yemen


    A US Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey crash landed during a 29 January raid on al-Qa’ida compound in Yemen this week, injuring three service members.

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    Boeing nabs $2.1 billion contract for KC-46 tanker


    The US Air Force awarded Boeing a $2.1 billion contract for the Lot 3 production of the KC-46A tanker last week, just days after the company announced another penalty that would bring the recapitalisation programme’s total charges to $2 billion.

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    Analyst floats theory for Northrop CEO's caution on T-X


    Northrop Grumman shocked press and analysts this week with a lukewarm response on its US Air Force T-X trainer bid, but the company might be better positioned to lose the competition rather than eat away at its bottom line, says one Washington-based analyst.

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    ​US defense secretary orders immediate review of F-35 and Air Force One


    The US Secretary of Defense has ordered an immediate review of the Air Force One recapitalisation and Lockheed Martin F-35 programmes, following President Trump’s earlier threats to lower the costs of both platforms.

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    ​Northrop noncommittal on T-X bid


    The US Air Force released the RFP for the T-X trainer competition almost a month ago, which did not differ from earlier drafts. With the USAF’s major acquisition programmes such as the F-35 and B-21 bomber already awarded, the $16.3 billion contract for 350 aircraft has become one of the ...

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    Raytheon pulls out of T-X competition


    ​Raytheon and the Leonardo have withdrawn from the US Air Force T-X trainer competition, stating 25 January that the two companies “have decided not to jointly pursue the programme.”

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    Boeing surpasses $2 billion in KC-46 tanker charges


    Boeing Commercial absorbed a $243 million pre-tax charge on the KC-46 Tanker programme, while its defense sector took a $69 million pre-tax charge as well. It marks the fifth cost overrun for the programme, following a $393 million charge last July associated with a refueling boom issue. The terms of ...

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    ​Lockheed, JPO close to signing next F-35 production deal


    Lockheed Martin expects to seal the deal for 90 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters in low-rate initial production lot 10, chief executive Marillyn Hewson told investors during a 24 January fourth quarter 2016 earnings call.

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    ​US State Department approves $1.8 billion in arms deals


    The US State Department has inked $1.8 billion in arms deals for the UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Kenya this week, including air-to-air missiles and threat detection systems.

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    Super Hornet could compete with Lockheed F-35


    ​When Donald Trump suggested earlier this month that he would compete a “comparable Super Hornet” to the F-35, Boeing cheered while many in Washington’s defense community balked at the idea.

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    ANALYSIS: Lasers and scanners illuminate F-35 ramp up


    When comes to its production, the F-35 is to the F-16 as digital is to analogue

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    ​B-2 bomber hits Islamic State sites in Libya


    Two US Air Force B-2 Spirit bombers killed at least 80 ISIL fighters over Libya 19 January, marking only the fifth operation for the stealth aircraft and its first mission since 2011.

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    ​F-35B arrives in Japan


    US Marine Corps F-35B fighters made their inaugural trip to Air Station Iwakuni, Japan on 18 January, where the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 will begin its permanent basing.

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    ​Air Force mulls low-end fighter experiment


    As Textron Aviation eyes the US Air Force’s lucrative T-X trainer competition, its dual light-attack fighter and trainer Scorpion aircraft could remain in the running for a low-end fighter role in the USAF.

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    ​Lower requirements could decrease Air Force One price


    The government could decrease the price of Air Force One if the incoming administration decides to lower the aircraft’s requirements, according to top Pentagon procurement official.

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    Boeing promises Trump simpler requirements for Air Force One


    Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg is expected to sit down with president-elect Donald Trump in New York this morning to discuss the Air Force One recapitalisation programme, a Boeing spokesman tells FlightGlobal.