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    Pakistan earmarks struggling PIA for privatisation


    Cash-strapped Pakistan has announced its intention to privatise flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines, as the country works to stabilise its economy.

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    Pakistan optimistic over restoring PIA’s European access after safety audit


    Pakistan’s government is hoping to restore airline links with Europe after signalling that it has resolved safety concerns with ICAO. The country’s flag-carrier, Pakistan International Airlines, had its European third-country operator approval rescinded in mid-2020, in the aftermath of a fatal accident involving a PIA Airbus A320, and the subsequent ...

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    PIA to add A320 simulator to Karachi centre


    Pakistan International Airlines is to acquire a full-flight simulator for conventional Airbus A320s for installation at its Karachi training centre. The simulator will be supplied by L3Harris, and delivered for use by August next year, following a contract signature with the Pakistani flag-carrier. L3Harris says the A320 simulator will be ...

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    Which commercial airlines served Kabul before the Taliban advance?


    The chaos surrounding operations at Hamid Karzai International airport in recent days affects a number of international operators, including Emirates and Turkish Airlines.

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    PIA outlines latest restructuring plan to return to profitability


    Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has confirmed that a restructuring plan is in place to return the airline back to profitability, though the coronavirus pandemic has delayed some of these plans. 

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    PIA to halve workforce, cut fleet: reports


    Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has reportedly gotten the green light to halve its workforce of 14,000 and cut its fleet to no more than 30 aircraft, amid continued full-year losses. 

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    PIA turns in heavy full-year losses


    Pakistan International Airlines has turned in a full-year pre-tax loss of Rs35.5 billion ($224.6 million), the airline’s latest financial statement reveals. The flag-carrier’s loss to 31 December 2020 was lower than the previous Rs53.3 billion despite the effects of the air transport crisis. PIA’s revenues for the year ...

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    PIA seeks dry lease of up to eight narrowbodies


    Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has issued a tender notice to dry lease up to eight narrowbody aircraft, with the first example to be delivered at the start of next year.

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    PIA maintenance lapses meant ATRs had poor engine reliability


    Investigators probing a Pakistan International Airlines ATR 42 engine failure, which preceded the fatal loss of the aircraft, found that engine reliability at the carrier was comparatively poor. The aircraft came down near Havelian in December 2016 after its left-hand Pratt Whitney Canada PW127 powerplant suffered a ...

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    Pakistan ATR 42 crash inquiry finds crew’s licences were valid


    Two pilots of the Pakistan International Airlines ATR 42-500 which crashed near Havelian four years ago were among cockpit crew initially suspected of holding dubious licences, but accident investigators have concluded their qualifications were valid. Pakistan’s civil aviation authority initiated an examination of pilot licensing records last year, finding ...

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    Crashed PIA ATR 42 stalled and inverted after complex engine failure


    Investigators have determined that the complex failure of a Pakistan International Airlines ATR 42-500’s left-hand engine preceded a loss of control which developed into a stall, loss of altitude, and eventual fatal collision with terrain. At one point in the accident sequence the aircraft inverted as it underwent a ...

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    ​UK regulator allows PIA to resume flights using wet-leased jets


    UK aviation regulators have approved a request from Pakistan International Airlines to operate Birmingham and Manchester flights using aircraft chartered from Portuguese wet-lease operator Hi Fly.

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    FAA bans Pakistan-based carriers from US airports


    The Federal Aviation Administration has banned airlines from Pakistan from flying to US airports due to safety concerns.

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    PIA banned from European operations after mounting safety concerns


    Pakistan International Airlines has been blacklisted for a six-month period by European safety regulators, banning it from operating to European Union destinations. The Pakistani flag-carrier has disclosed that the prohibition enters into force on 1 July. It states that it is communicating with the European Union Aviation Safety ...

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    PIA A320 crew lowered, then raised, undercarriage before gear-up touchdown


    Investigators have revealed that the crew of a crashed Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 did attempt to lower the landing-gear during their first approach to Karachi, but raised the gear lever again during the descent. The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan confirms that the A320 touched down on Karachi’s ...

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    PIA crash probe indicates no immediate need for A320 operator action


    Preliminary information from the flight recorders of the crashed Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 in Karachi have not indicated any reason for A320 operators to take safety action. Airbus has contacted operators of the aircraft type following the 22 May accident which occurred as the PIA jet, arriving from ...

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    Investigators download data from crashed PIA A320 recorders


    Investigators have downloaded information from the two flight recorders retrieved from the Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 which crashed in Karachi. French investigation authority BEA states that – at the request of the Pakistani inquiry team – it has “successfully” obtained information from the cockpit-voice and flight-data recorders. ...

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    French investigators to download crashed PIA A320 recorders


    French investigators are to handle the downloading of flight-recorder data from the Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 which crashed in Karachi on 22 May. The cockpit-voice recorder has been located, days after the flight-data recorder was retrieved, French investigation authority BEA states. BEA says it has received a ...

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    Crashed PIA A320 crew mentioned ‘lost engines’ during go-around


    Pakistan International Airlines is referring to evidence of a “technical fault” on the Airbus A320 which crashed while attempting to land at Karachi. Air-ground communications from flight PK8303 reveal that the crew tried to execute a go-around while conducting an ILS approach to runway 25L, following a service from ...

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    PIA 777 taxied without all-clear from ground crew


    UK investigators have determined that a Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777-200LR incorrectly assumed that ground-support equipment had been removed before commencing to taxi, striking the towbar which was still in front of the jet. The tug and towbar had been disconnected from the aircraft (AP-BGZ), which was preparing to ...