Dear Colleague,

This message is from the home working desks of Max Kingsley-Jones and Mark Pilling, the Executive Director Content and Publisher respectively of FlightGlobal.

Between us we have 50+ years of experience reporting on this brilliant industry. We’ve written and worked through the whole list of mega-events that have rocked the aviation world since the 1980s. Covid-19 is taking us all to a new place, a new level of impact and a new level of uncertainty.

At FlightGlobal, we will only offer one certainty, our teams across the UK, USA and Singapore will continue to provide round-the-clock updates on the latest developments linked to the coronavirus pandemic as well as the wider news agenda.

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We believe that now, as always, the authoritative, accurate and timely news, analysis and opinion delivered by FlightGlobal will be an essential resource for the aviation industry.

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Whether working from our dining-room tables, bedrooms or garages, the FlightGlobal team will do its very best to keep reporting throughout this crisis and beyond to the next phase of aviation pioneering. Just as we have since we were founded in 1909. 

Max Kingsley-Jones, Mark Pilling