Israel Aerospace Industries' Bedek division has launched a new engine-leasing department.

Three types of powerplant – the CFM International CFM56-3/5/7, International Aero Engines V2500 and Pratt & Whitney PW4000 – are currently offered by the new department.

Its modus operandi is to purchase engines on the market, overhaul them, and offer them to airlines worldwide. "There is synergy between clients that bring their engines for overhaul and lease others from us," says Gill Kraizer, director of engine leasing and trading at MRO provider Bedek.

Kraizer notes that many small new airlines do not have the budget to buy a stock of engines, and says the leasing arrangement solves this problem. He sees growing demand also from big airlines, especially when authorities release directives requiring more frequent maintenance of certain engines.

The IAI official says that the plan is to open leasing centres for engines in the USA and Europe.

Source: Cirium Dashboard