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Unwanted drones will be in the crosshairs at the Farnborough air show, with the AUDS consortium showcasing its counter-unmanned air vehicle system.

The production-ready system is capable of detecting, tracking, disrupting and defeating UAVs up to 5.4nm (10km) away, typically within 15s. An AUDS operator is then able to take control of the aircraft, forcing it to land or just sending it away, while also blocking other radio signals back to the original operator.

“The threat from small, commercially available UAVs is high and AUDS has been specifically designed, fully tested and is production ready to deal with the problem,” says the consortium's Mark Radford. “Not only can it detect, track, disrupt, and defeat drones, it can also provide vital evidence for subsequent criminal charges.”

At Farnborough, a live system will be using the Blighter Surveillance Systems A400-series Ku-band electronic scanning radar, coupled with Chess Dynamics’ Hawkeye stabilised electro-optical system, and a directional radio frequency inhibitor from Enterprise Control Systems.

AUDS says that interest in the system from both defence and commercial clients has been strong, and it is presently under evaluation by the US Federal Aviation Administration’s Pathfinder Programme for potential application at airports.

Source: Flight Daily News