Forbes Mutch/LONDON

THE UK GENERAL Aviation Manufacturers and Traders Association (GAMTA), has completed a benchmarking exercise into cockpit/crew-resource-management (CRM) training.

The concluding report, published in association with Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, recommends the establishment of a central library of CRM training resources, including videos and other study materials, and a centrally located computer to produce high-quality training materials.

The two-year study launched in 1993, with the help of a Government grant, looked at CRM in response to a growing legislative requirement for CRM to be included in pilot training.

According to GAMTA chief executive Graham Forbes, the UK is the first (but will not be the last) European Union member country to make compulsory the inclusion of CRM in all levels of commercial-pilot training.

CRM is the working philosophy where all aircraft crew and, increasingly, ground-support staff, have operational awareness and are able to advise on decision-making at all levels and in all circumstances.

GAMTA's study, involving three member companies already running UK Civil Aviation Authority-approved CRM courses - Air Atlantique of Coventry, Magec Aviation of Luton and Bournemouth-based FR Aviation - included fact-finding tours to the USA. The data have been analysed by Cranfield University, and an implementation report has been made available to GAMTA members.

Forbes says that the report will not only "...improve CRM training", but will also "...increase the competitiveness of UK training".

John Myers, director of flight operations at FR Aviation, says that CRM has to be "bigger than the flight deck" and will eventually be introduced as a "total concept" to all areas of operation, including engineering, maintenance and support.

Source: Flight International