London-based Signature Industries is to supply a GPS combat recovery system to the Indian Air Force for all fast jet pilots. Pilot safety has been an increasing concern to the IAF and Signature was chosen following rigorous technical assessment.

Signature managing director David Carnie said: "This latest contract is the result of Signature's ongoing commitment to technical investment in order to support our customer's increasing need for greater sophistication from personnel recovery systems."

Signature division Sarbe is launching a new search and rescue radio beacon, the Global Reach Recovery (G2R) personal locator beacon. It features 406MHz transmission and gives global satellite coverage along with near-instantaneous response by rescue teams. The use of global satellite positioning allows location identification to within 10 metres to greatly improve the crew member's chances of survival.


In combat search and rescue mode (CSAR), the frequency transmissions and data format are enhanced to ensure a low probability of interception and detection. Features such as encryption, randomised data bursts and one-touch silence mode improves the prospect of a rescue mission being successful.

CSAR detection is via the Sarfind airborne decoder which provides a complete rescue and recovery system with beacon identity and exact co-ordinates, enabling accurate tracking and ultimately the fast and efficient pick up of individuals.

Sarbe has also announced the appointment of a new agent in South Korea to distribute its high-performance search and rescue beacons. Sarbe has signed an agreement with LAS Hi-Tech Co Ltd of Seoul. Sarbe supplies its products to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Source: Flight Daily News