The aerospace sector has some of the most loyal employees, a careers survey by Flight International has found.

The average length of time that those who responded to the survey had been with their current employers was around nine years - much longer than other industries that have undergone similar surveys.

The average across seven other industries, ranging from automotive to tourism, was six years.

However, although the majority of those questioned said they did not expect to change companies at any time in the future, 15% expected to move in less than six months.

Despite the highly successful retention of staff by aerospace employers, 89% said that they would look at job adverts as a matter of course, even if they were not intending to move jobs.

Average salary of those surveyed was around $47,000 a year, although 16% earned less than $15,000 a year.

Of aircrew who responded to the survey, 69% did not expect to be with the same employer the next time they changed jobs. This figure was significantly higher than the last time the survey was conducted in 1998, possibly indicating the increased fragmentation of the industry.

The average respondent to the survey was 45 years old and in a permanent job. Most respondents worked for airlines, as aircrew.


Source: Flight International