The creation of, the Honeywell/United Technologies electronic marketplace for the aerospace industry, was a direct outcome of Honeywell's more intensely customer-focused policy, says Lynn Brubaker, vice-president and general manager, Air Transport and Regional Aerospace.

Brubaker is charged with making the new "outward-facing" philosophy work. "We have established an outward-facing organisation designed to under-stand customers and the industry.

They drive the business now. An example of how we have listened and response to what customers want is the introduction of

"We listened to the customers, heard that they wanted a neutral system, and developed it."


Other changes on the back of the policy include the creation of customer account managers to look after major customers. "Having structured ourselves in this way, our job is listen to the managers."

The policy is also paying off in Honeywell's ability to anticipate and respond to market trends much faster. Brubaker says the company was well-prepared for the recent downturn in aircraft production

She says there are already signs that sales will rise again and sooner than expected. "At the same time there are a lot of opportunities for upgrades or conversions of older aircraft."

Brubaker says that Honeywell was "not unaffected" by the economic crises in Asia-Pacific. "Some countries were not even affected while others are certainly recovering. For 10 years the region enjoyed uninterrupted growth and I think it is back on track to do that again.

"We are committed to the region."

The company - formed in a merger between AlliedSignal and Honeywell - has built its presence at Asian Aerospace around a series of solutions, including Free Flight and integrated "spinal" networks in aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News