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  • Aircell claims legal victory in patent infringement suit

Aircell claims legal victory in patent infringement suit

(Updated to include Delta comment)

Aircell is claiming a legal victory after a jury found technology company Ambit Corp did not prove patent infringement involving Aircell's provision of in-flight Internet.

An Aircell spokeswoman says that during a 28 July trial, the jury "rendered a verdict in Aircell's favour finding as to all claims at issue that Aircell has proved invalidity and Ambit has not proved infringement".

In early 2009, Ambit filed suit in Massachusetts district court against Aircell and Delta Air Lines alleging that the Aircell Gogo in-flight Internet system - which is being fitted to Delta's entire domestic fleet - infringed on one or more claims of an Ambit patent, known as the "858 patent". Ambit argued that the infringement has caused it to "suffer irreparable harm".

While a jury has issued a judgement pertaining to Aircell, questions remain about whether there exists any further claims against the Chicago-headquartered firm.

"As policy, we don't comment on remaining claims," says the Aircell spokeswoman.

Ambit president and co-founder Robert Crowley declined comment, but noted that "all verdicts are not necessarily in".

Delta, meanwhile, reveals it was dismissed from the case at the end of July. "We consider the matter closed," says a Delta spokeswoman.

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