AIX: Style makes the grade for Skylights VR glasses

Business class passengers on Air France’s three A340s will in the next two months be offered a virtual reality cinema experience, care of a second generation headset from Skylights. Compared to the company’s first generation headset that is flying on 17 aircraft today, the latest version – modelled here by chief executive David Dicko – is half the weight and offers four times the image resolution.

Those are both important features, he says – but what really makes the difference for premium flyers is a huge improvement in styling.

The new system also includes an important added safety feature – cabin crew control means programming is automatically interrupted for announcements.

Dicko says the San Francisco-, Paris- and Toulouse-based Skylights is currently offering “sit back and relax” content rather than “more typical” interactive VR imagery, but the system, with integrated headphones, gives an IMAX experience in a tiny package.

By being more integrated with an aircraft’s IFE, the new system also allows wearers to watch their own or streamed content.

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