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Angara An-148 rolls off runway end at Mirny

Russian investigators are probing an overrun incident involving an Angara Airlines Antonov An-148 at Mirny in the Sakha republic.

The aircraft – provisionally identified as RA-61713 – landed on Mirny's runway 25 shortly after 09:00 following a service from Irkutsk.

Russia's Sakha division of the emergency situations ministry says the aircraft "rolled out of the runway" as it landed.

It has released images indicating that the twinjet overran the far end of the runway with its nose-wheel coming to rest on rough ground.

Preliminary information, says the ministry, indicates 61 passengers and five crew members were on board, and none was injured. The aircraft was undamaged.

Meteorological data for Mirny at the time good visibility but freezing conditions, with a friction coefficient of 0.39 and an advisory of shallow compacted snow on runway 25.

Cirium fleets data shows RA-61713 was delivered to Angara in October 2012.

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