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AUVSI: Insitu evaluates sensor balls for ScanEagle

Insitu (booth 4046) is evaluating two new sensor balls for its ScanEagle unmanned aircraft.

One version offers the user a electro-optical and infrared camera in the same turret. The other offers the ability to zoom in, but maintain a view of the wider area, says Curt Chesnutt, the company's ScanEagle chief.

The company is doing field trials of the cameras.

Meanwhile, the ScanEagle has received a type certification to fly inside Dutch airspace. Chestnutt says the company has received a contract to operate on Netherlands naval ships.

The company has also signed on to provide ScanEagle services to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in support of Japanese ground forces.

The company is also touting a host of contracts with Australia. That country's navy is expanding an earlier contract for ScanEagle services. An Australian frigate will have the system installed in September.

Additionally, the Queensland government is planning on trials for the aircraft.

Singapore also recently signed a contract for ScanEagle services.

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