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  • AUVSI: Partnership success with Thunderstorm on Fury

AUVSI: Partnership success with Thunderstorm on Fury

A partnership between AeroMech Engineering and Chesapeake Technology International (CTI) has successfully demonstrated an unmanned airborne medium power communications electronic attack capability during two successful flights at an airfield in California.

AeroMech's Fury platform was modified to accommodate CTI's Thunderstorm electronic attack system. The long-endurance, low-medium altitude air vehicle provides 23lb of payload capacity in a small, durable package. It is capable of being flown with gas or heavy-fuel engines, and provides up to 400W of continuous power for the payloads.

Fury has a wingspan of 12ft, a maximum take-off gross weight of 125lb with payload and fuel, and can remain on station for up to 18.5h.

The system is designed to be launched and recovered from austere locations including both maritime and littoral environments.

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