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  • Boeing adds 44 737 orders to its backlog

Boeing adds 44 737 orders to its backlog

Boeing has added 44 737 aircraft to its backlog just weeks after announcing twin increases in narrowbody production.

Of the 44 new orders booked on 8 July, only one was identified as bound for Australian low cost carrier Virgin Blue Airlines, while the balance were spread across unidentified customers.

The additional single airframe for Virgin Blue raises its 2010 order total to 41.

Boeing announced on 17 May it would increase 737 output at its Renton, Washington facility from 31.5 to 34, and later on 15 June to 35 per month by early 2012 as it sought to anticipate future demand, as well as offset customers potentially seeking orders from new market entrant Bombardier, which is offering its 110 to 149-seat CSeries starting in 2013.

The new orders raise the airframer's gross 737 increase in 2010 to 145, with a net total of 138 following seven cancellations absorbed this year.

By comparison, Boeing earned 174 net orders for its Next Generation 737 family in 2009.

Boeing year-to-date has earned net orders for 214 aircraft, with 177 net orders for the year, already exceeding its 2009 take of 141 net orders.

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