Boeing delivers 50th 737 Max

Boeing has delivered the 50th 737 Max 8 so far this year after handing over the first of the re-engined single-aisle family to Malindo in May, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.

With one month of production remaining, the milestone delivery indicates Boeing is on track to meet a target of about 52-78 deliveries of the 737 Max in 2017.

That range comes from Boeing’s guidance to investors that 10-15% of all 737 deliveries this year will be the re-engined model.

To accommodate the 737 Max, Boeing opened a third assembly line within the existing production complex for the 737 in Renton, Washington. The first several 737-8s were assembled exclusively on the third line. Boeing has since introduced the re-engined model into one of the other two 737NG lines as deliveries ramped up.

With monthly deliveries of all 737s set at 47 from August through December, Boeing should deliver about 522 737s this year.

14 different airlines now operate the 50 737-8s delivered so far this year.

After delivering 16 737-8s in November alone, Boeing is on track to deliver a total of 67 aircraft if it keeps the same pace through December.