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Bombardier global logo“Build me the perfect business jet.” With these seemingly simple words, Laurent Beaudoin, CEO of Bombarier Inc, launched a transformation in business aviation. The result of his vision would be the development of the Bombardier Global family; business jets believed to be so extraordinary they would create a performance class all of their own. 

The outline of the Global Express is easily recognisable with effectively a CRJ fuselage mated to a low swept supercritical wing with winglets.  It also features a swept T-tail wit swept anhedral tailplane.  The 10 windows differentiates the Global 5000 from the original Global Express and the Global XRS.

The Bombardier Global 5000 jet is designed to fill the niche in Bombardier’s product line between the Challenger 605 and the ultra-long-range Global Express.

Powered by the same 14,750lbs (65.6kN) thrust Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710 engines as the Global Express, the Global 5000 has a shortened fuselage (77cm) – but without short cuts on performance.

The aircraft’s zero flap takeoff capability allows operations at maximum takeoff weight at most airports worldwide.

This means the Global 5000 can land at smaller airfields closer to business areas. 

A balanced field length of just 5,000ft (1,525m) is required for a maximum range mission of 4,800nm (8,889km) at speed Mach 0.85.

For shorter missions it goes even faster – Mach 0.89 (513KTAS; 950km/h) and can fly at a maximum ceiling of 51,000ft (15,545m).

The Global 5000 programme was launched in February 2002 and took its maiden flight in March 2003.  Transport Canada type certification was received in March 2004, European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) in July 2004, and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in September 2004..  The aircraft entered service in April 2005 with a Middle East operator as the launch customer.

The aircraft is equipped with a Honeywell Primus 2000XP avionics suite with dual flight management systems, dual Category II autopilot systems and an automatic flight control system.

The long and wide cabin features the Rockwell Collins Airshow 21 integrated cabin electronics system and the Bombardier EVS as an option.

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  •    Aircraft Data for the Global 5000

  • Principal Dimensions
    Overall length:  29.5 m
    Height:  7.7 m
    Cabin Height:  1.91m
    Cabin width:  2.49 m
    Wingspan:  28.6 m
    Maximum takeoff weight:  39,780 kg
    Maximum landing weight  35,652 kg
    Max cruise:  950 km/h
    Max range:  8,889 km
    Typical passenger capacity:  3+8
    Maximum passenger capacity:  3+17
    Service Ceiling:  51,000 ft
    Powerplant:  2xBR710A2-20

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