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  • Brazil signs deal for Hermes 450 UAVs

Brazil signs deal for Hermes 450 UAVs

Aeroeletronica (AEL), the Brazilian subsidiary of Elbit Systems, has been awarded a contract to supply the latter's Hermes 450 unmanned air vehicles to the Brazilian air force.

Confirmed by Elbit on 19 January, the initial order will help to meet the air force's objective of standing up an independent UAV capability.

"We hope this new project will further strengthen the co-operation between AEL and the Brazilian air force, as well as other Brazilian customers, and will be an incentive for future collaborations," says Elbit chief executive Joseph Ackerman.

© Antonio Riciere Biasus/Elbit Systems

Aeroeletronica is located in Porto Alegre and employs 180 technical experts.

Hermes 450s have accumulated more than 200,000 operational flight hours in various operating countries.

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