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Chengdu Airlines puts ARJ21 on regional route

Chengdu Airlines has put the Comac ARJ21 regional jet on its first regional route, after using the jet on services to major domestic cities for over a year.

The carrier is now using the aircraft on the Chengdu-Shangrao route. Shangrao is a city in northwest of Jiangxi province.

In a statement, Comac says the aircraft will be able to launch or raise frequencies on point-to-point routes between small and medium-sized cities. It will also help these cities connect more economically.

Chengdu Airlines has so far used the ARJ21 on services from Chengdu to Shanghai, Changsha, Jinan and Hefei.

The airline had previously told FlightGlobal that it will first ply the ARJ21 on services to established domestic airport, to ensure the aircraft's safe and reliable operations, as well as to help build customer awareness of the indigenous jet.

It took delivery of its first ARJ21 in November 2015, and put it into operations in June 2016, between Chengdu and Shanghai.

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