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  • Citywing to modify logo after TAME objection

Citywing to modify logo after TAME objection

Newly-established Isle of Man regional carrier Citywing is to modify its logo ahead of launch in January, in the wake of concerns from Ecuadorian carrier TAME over similarities to its own insignia.

Citywing has emerged from a management buy-out of the former Manx2 operation, and is adopting a new logo - based on the Manx shearwater bird - to underpin the change.

But the shape and colouring bears a striking resemblance to the insignia of Quito-based TAME, which underwent a rebranding around three years ago.

Citywing and TAME insignia

TAME chief executive Rafael Farias says the similarity is "too obvious" and that the airline is "analysing its options".

"This serves as a reminder to improve the defence of our intellectual property," he adds.

Citywing acknowledges that there are "unfortunate similarities of some elements of the design", although it points out that logos featuring birds are extremely common within the air transport sector.

There are differences between the two, it states, noting the glimpse of a second wing on its own design, and adding that the airlines' names differ greatly in colour and appearance.

But Citywing says it will "introduce some modifications" to the design in order to distinguish the two bird logos further.

Ecuador is the habitat of the Galapagos shearwater, which is related to its Manx cousin.

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