DUBAI: Airbus chief plays down 'A350neo' talk

Airbus is constantly discussing potential engine developments with powerplant manufacturers, but this does not mean it has any current plans to introduce a re-engined A350, says chief executive Guillaume Faury.

Responding at the Dubai air show to reports that Airbus and GE Aviation are in talks about a possible GE-powered "A350neo" development of the twinjet, which is currently exclusively powered by the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB, Faury said: "There is no plan to launch a new engine option on the A350."

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British Airways A350-1000


But Faury concedes that it is normal for Airbus to discuss potential developments with the engine makers.

"We are working with all engine makers on the future of technologies. We are looking at the plans of the engine programmes."

But he plays down any early decision to adopt a new powerplant. "The technologies are not ready," he says. "We need to work to prepare the next big step in SFC [specific fuel consumption]."