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DUBAI: Rubb designs dedicated UAV tent hangar

Fabric hangar specialist Rubb Buildings is developing a dedicated shelter for unmanned air vehicles.

The UK-based manufacturer has unveiled the design for the UAV pod at Dubai air show. At a width of 28m and depth of 12m (92x39ft), the relocatable hangar is large enough to accommodate a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, the largest UAV currently in use.

The building consists of an aluminium structure and fabric cover. All components fit into standard containers and can be “rapidly” assembled with “minimal use” of lifting machinery, the manufacturer says.

“There was significant demand for a smaller sized hangar with a wide opening to allow UAVs in and out of the building,” the firm says.

Rubb has recently completed three helicopter hangars for Horizon Flight Academy at Al Ain International airport.

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