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EasyJet's second A320neo to be based at Gatwick

UK low-cost carrier EasyJet has stationed its second Airbus A320neo at London Gatwick airport, after assigning the first to its main base of Luton.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that EasyJet has another 98 A320neos on order, as well as 30 A321neos. It has selected CFM International Leap-1A engines to power its A320neo-family jets.

EasyJet says the A320neo can deliver per-seat cost savings of 7% versus the A320ceo and 15% compared with the A319.

The airline's A320neos are configured with 186 seats. Its A319s have 156 seats, while some of its A320ceos have 180 seats.

EasyJet is the first airline to station an A320neo at Gatwick.

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