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  • EBACE: Graffiti artist adopts a new Vista

EBACE: Graffiti artist adopts a new Vista

As a child, Marquis Lewis growing up in suburb of Los Angeles was fascinated by the gang graffiti that surrounded him.

He took on the tag of Retna and began practising the art form making murals on walls, trains, and bridges across the city.

Today he is a well-known contemporary graffiti artist and if VistaJet - the world's second largest private jet operator has its way - his work will be seen all over the world on a flying exhibition.

VistaJet Challenger 850 graffiti tail, Billypix
 © Billypix

At the EBACE static park tonight Retna joined VistaJet chairman Thomas Flohr and brand director Nina Flohr along with Bombardier president Steve Ridolfi and senior vice-president Bob Horner to unveil his latest work on the tail of a Global Express.

Retna was joined by Andy Valmorbida who earlier this year presented "The Hallelujah World Tour", the first New York solo presentation of Retna, organised in collaboration with curator PM Tenore and was the first of three global displays sponsored by Bombardier Business Aircraft and VistaJet.

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