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Eclipse 500 on track for European air taxi nod

Valencia-based air taxi operator JetReady and Eclipse Aerospace have completed the first European Aviation Safety Agency certification for the Eclipse 500 very light jet, a required first step in gaining European and Spanish approval for commercial operations later this spring.

JetReady plans to acquire 23 Eclipse 500s within the next four years to operate from its bases in Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza.

Along with Avio NG 1.5 avionics, standby attitude, altitude and airspeed indicators, a dual diversity transponder, bilingual placards and bias ply tyres, EASA is requiring software modifications to the aircraft computer system, diagnostic storage unit and maintenance computer.

Regulators have also required changes, including the installation of a standby mechanical attitude indicator, to prevent common failures that could result in the loss of all displays.

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