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  • FAA seeks to fine Alaska Airlines

FAA seeks to fine Alaska Airlines

The US Federal Aviation Administration aims to levy a $590,000 fine against Alaska Airlines for allegedly operating a Boeing 737-400 on more than 2,000 flights while the aircraft was not compliant with Federal Aviation Regulations.

FAA stated on 18 January 2010 a flight deck ceiling fire occurred on the aircraft while it was parked at the gate at Anchorage International airport.

Investigators determined the fire was caused by chafed wiring resulting from improper installation of a hose clamp.

The agency said Alaska had most recently performed maintenance in the burned area in August 2008.

"The B-737-400 maintenance manual includes an explicit warning about proper installation of the hose clamp," said FAA. "Alaska subsequently discovered the same problem existed on nine other B-737-400s in its fleet and made corrections. There were no other fires."

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