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  • FARNBOROUGH: Elbit broadens aircraft anti-missile platform

FARNBOROUGH: Elbit broadens aircraft anti-missile platform

Israel's Elbit Systems has developed a new version of its C-Music anti-missile system, adapting the platform for medium-to-large transports and tankers.

Known as J-Music, the system is based on infrared detection and laser countermeasure technology, and is being formally unveiled at the Farnborough air show.

Elbit says the equipment "rapidly acquires and tracks" shoulder-launched missiles and is intended to extend the number of platforms which the manufacturer's defence equipment can protect.

C-Music has already been chosen by the Israeli government for passenger aircraft. Elbit says the J-Music system is "specifically designed and optimised" for medium and large types.

It states that J-Music - available with a single or dual countermeasures turret - has a distributed architecture, allowing components to be installed at various points on an aircraft.

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