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  • Full A350-900 turnaround to take 62min: Airbus

Full A350-900 turnaround to take 62min: Airbus

Airbus estimates that a full turnaround of the A350-900 will take 62min while a minimum service turnaround could be achieved in 34min.

The airframer has given the figures in its first aircraft characteristics manual detailing the twinjet's specifications.

Full turnaround would include 315 passengers - comprising 267 economy and 48 premium - with 50% of the total boarding and deplaning from each of two bridges.

The minimum turnaround would involve only 157 passengers and a single bridge.

Airbus assumes deplaning and enplaning rates, per door, of 25 passengers/min and 15 passengers/min respectively.

 A350 turnaround
 © Airbus

The full turnaround also assumes a cargo exchange of four pallets and eight LD3 containers for the forward hold, four pallets and four LD3s for the aft hold, and 1,000kg of bulk freight. Airbus's minimum time assumes six LD3s and 500kg bulk.

Airbus's document gives the A350-900's maximum take-off weight at 268t, maximum landing weight at 205t, and maximum zero-fuel weight at 192t.

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