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General Aviation: In Brief


Sydney Metro airport Bankstown is offering new general aviation operators parking discounts and free weekend flying in a bid to boost GA operations. The airport has been criticised by local GA operators for its aeronautical charges and concerns that it is driving aeronautical businesses off its premises. Under the new campaign the airport, 22km (13.5 miles) from Sydney central business district, has launched fly-free weekends between November and 31 January, when fixed-wing aircraft below 2,500kg (5,500lb) maximum takeoff weight will not face aeronautical charges. In addition, the airport is offering a 50% discount to new aircraft choosing to make the airport its home base.


Piper has sold six Seminole twin-engined, advanced training aircraft to US pilot training company Airline Transport Professionals. The piston-powered aircraft will be delivered to ATP - which operates a network of 22 training schools across the USA - this year.


Jeppesen has formed a strategic alliance with Flyvie, a developer and manufacturer of video capturing and debriefing systems, to introduce a video flight recording and debriefing solution for the general aviation pilot training market.

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