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Go-around call overruled before damaging 737 landing

Investigators probing a landing which damaged an Air Peace Boeing 737-300 have revealed that the first officer called for a go-around but was overruled by the captain.

The aircraft (5N-BUK) had been approaching Lagos airport's runway 18R at night on 15 May.

It had been cleared to land with tower controllers advising of 60kt windshear on the approach path, although neither crew of the two preceding aircraft had reported any problems.

About 1nm before touchdown the flight-management computer indicated a wind of 34kt from the south-east.

The captain, who was flying, told the Nigerian Accident Investigation Bureau that he applied the required crosswind technique to keep the aircraft on course for the runway.

But the inquiry, in a preliminary disclosure, states: "The [first officer] announced for a go-around and, in response, the [captain] said he had control of the situation."

The aircraft touched down in rain but, after taxiing to the gate, was subsequently found to have sustained substantial damage to its right-hand CFM International CFM56 engine.

This damage included scrapes and dents on the cowling and bent fan blades. The inquiry also says both main landing-gear shock-absorber oleo struts "collapsed" and the jet had scuffing on a right-hand tyre.

Although the aircraft was withdrawn from service, the Accident Investigation Bureau says it was not informed about the event until three weeks later, on 5 June, when a passenger notified the authority through a telephone call.

By this point, says the inquiry, the cockpit-voice recorder had been overwritten.

None of the 118 occupants was injured. Investigators are still analysing the circumstances of the event, one of three serious Air Peace incidents to occur in the space of 10 weeks earlier this year.

Investigators are also examining a runway excursion by a 737-500 on 22 June and the loss of a 737-300's nose-wheels during a landing on 23 July. All three events involved different aircraft.

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