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  • HyperMach to unveil supersonic business jet concept

HyperMach to unveil supersonic business jet concept

HyperMach is expected to unveil a new concept for a supersonic business jet at the Paris air show, claiming the "next generation" aircraft would be capable of reaching M4.0.

Few details are available in advance of the unveiling, but CEO Richard Lugg also heads SonicBlue, a company specializing in propulsion systems. In a 2009 interview in a Maine business magazine, Lugg alluded to significant problems raising capital for SonicBlue's engine technologies.

Lugg's background is primarily in aerospace engineering, specializing in high-tech disruptive technologies. His work involves airframes ranging from helicopters to unmanned aerial vehicles to rockets and spacecraft.

Several aerospace companies, including Gulfstream and Dassault, are pursuing supersonic business jet concepts. However, as yet no prototypes have been built despite numerous proposals.

Neither HyperMach nor SonicBlue were immediately available to comment.

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