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  • IAI completes development work on Mini Panther UAS

IAI completes development work on Mini Panther UAS

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has completed development work on its Mini Panther tiltrotor unmanned air system (UAS), and has started offering the design to potential customers.

"We are now beginning to market the system," said Avi Bleser, marketing manager of the company's Malat division. While he refused to identify any potential buyers, IAI has previously described the 2h-endurance design as being relevant for special forces operators.

Powered by three electric motors and with a maximum take-off weight of 12kg (26lb), the Mini Panther uses an automatic flight control system to manage the transition between its hovering take-off phase to forward flight and back for landing.

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IAI is already offering a larger Panther UAS design with a 65kg maximum take-off weight and a 6h endurance.

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