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  • ICAO to co-operate to stop North Korean GPS jamming

ICAO to co-operate to stop North Korean GPS jamming

ICAO is considering measures against North Korea after the reclusive state was accused of jamming satellite navigation signals.

The organisation is intending to co-operate with South Korea over the matter, says the Korean ministry of foreign affairs.

It follows a meeting between Korean foreign minister Kim Sung-Hwan and ICAO secretary general Raymond Benjamin yesterday.

The ministry says that ICAO has accepted its position of "pointing out the illegality" of Global Positioning System signal jamming by North Korea in early March, and that a "recurrence of such [an] incident must not occur".

It also says that ICAO has agreed to "co-operate with Korea in taking necessary measures" should there be another incident, because North Korea's action "threatens civil aviation safety, of not only Korea but also other countries".

ICAO was not immediately available to comment on the foreign ministry's statement.

Benjamin's visit to South Korea included addressing a regional training conference, at which he reiterated ICAO's concern over a forecast shortage of training capacity to meet demand by 2030.

"Not surprisingly, the Asia-Pacific region is where the situation is more acute, given the remarkable current and projected growth rates," he told the gathering in Seoul.

"Enormous efforts will have to be deployed to fill the gap between training needs and training capacity required."

During his time in South Korea, Benjamin also participated in a ceremony marking 10 years of operation for Seoul's Incheon Airport.

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