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  • Icelandair examines smaller types for future fleet

Icelandair examines smaller types for future fleet

Icelandair Group is considering two options for Icelandair's future fleet, notably whether to move away from its uniform Boeing 757 operations.

In its second-quarter financial disclosure, the company says it will make a decision on the fleet composition "in the near future".

Icelandair and its cargo division will either retain a single 757 fleet until 2022, it says, or move to a mixed fleet of 757s and smaller aircraft.

The flag-carrier has 16 757s, including a single -300, while Icelandair Cargo has four.

Icelandair Group says the type has served the airlines "extremely well, as if they had been tailored to the company's business model".

It has not indicated which smaller types are under review but states that its analysis involves co-operation with Airbus and Boeing, while other manufacturers are "also being monitored".

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