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  • IMI offers Mars missile for multiple fighters

IMI offers Mars missile for multiple fighters

Israel Military Industries (IMI) has identified a variety of combat aircraft types as potential host platforms for its Mars precision-guided weapon, which is expected to offer a roughly 54nm (100km) strike range.

Suitable for use against fixed targets such as radar sites, communications centres, weapons storage facilities and airfields, plus mobile threats, the GPS-guided Mars design is 4.4m (14.4ft) long and has a launch weight of 500kg (1,100lb).


Israel Military Industries

IMI's Rocket Systems Division, which has been developing the Mars system for several years, says the missile could be customised for carriage by the Boeing F-15 and F/A-18, Eurofighter Typhoon, Israel Aerospace Industries Kfir, Lockheed Martin F-16 and Sukhoi Su-24, Su-25 and Su-27/30.