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  • Israel adds F-15s to Elbit mission training centre

Israel adds F-15s to Elbit mission training centre

Elbit Systems has been awarded a follow-on contract by the Israeli defence ministry to integrate synthetic training devices for the Boeing F-15 at a new mission training centre (MTC) for the nation's air force. Announced on 30 May, the new award is worth roughly $30 million.


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The Israeli company had previously secured a deal to establish the MTC to support operations of the Lockheed Martin F-16 through a private finance initiative programme.

Under the contract extension, the Israeli air force will be able to conduct joint mission training in operational flights and formations involving both aircraft types. The technology can also be integrated with other training systems operated by the Israeli Defence Force, including those provided for helicopter pilots, unmanned air system operators and ground forces.

Elbit says the MTC marks a significant breakthrough in the operational training sector, as it enables pilots to train in various mission scenarios and is able to represent a relevant threat environment for different war zones.

The MTC is being established at the Israeli air force's Hazor air base.

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